5 Unexpected Issues That Surface During Bathroom Renovations

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Have you ever had your bathroom renovated? If yes, then chances are you must have encountered problems during the renovation that you hadn’t expected in the first place. Turns out, bathrooms have the most hidden defects than any other room in your house. Most of these issues are related to aging and depreciation of bathroom accessories. And sometimes the contractors have tried to hide the problems, hoping they will never be discovered by the homeowners.

If you’re thinking about getting your bathroom renovated, then be ready for these surprise issues that surface during renovations. At times, these issues might cost you some extra money as well!

1- Do You Think Your Bathroom Floor Is Sturdy?

It’s only when the old tiles in your bathroom are taken out you find out that the builder or the previous contractor completed his job in haste or maybe he didn’t have a clear understanding of floor framing. It’s not surprising that you find indented joists in your bathroom floor that were made deliberately to fit the pipes. This makes your bathroom floor structurally uneven and weak. Make sure you get it fixed first before laying new tiles or else your floor might crack.

2- Messed Up Plumbing

A lot of plumbers are concerned with getting the job done instead of getting the job done correctly and neatly. That’s why when you the renovation of your bathroom begins, you might come across a web of pipelines that are either not needed or not properly connected.

3- Bathroom Plumbing Corrodes… With Time

This is perhaps the most common issue. If you have neglected the renovation of your bathroom for long, then prepare yourself to see corroded plumbing in your bathroom once the renovation starts. It’s the age factor, plain and simple. If your bathroom had water supply and drain pipes made of cast iron or galvanized material, then time might have corroded the pipes.

4- Drainages Can Get Choked… Really Bad

You must have noticed sometimes when you shower the water doesn’t drain properly. This is when you should know that your bathroom drainage is clogged or is not working for some other reason. Although it’s not a very big problem, still it is one of the issues you come face to face when the renovation of your bathroom is underway.

5- Beware of Mold Detection

Now, this has to be the most widespread additional problem homeowners have to deal with when the renovation of their bathroom is in progress. Come to think of it, bathrooms are moist places, and this is exactly the kind of environment that promotes the growth of mold. Maybe your bathroom fan is out of order, or perhaps the surrounds of your shower or bathtub are not water resistant.

All these issues make the bathroom renovation sound a troublesome job. But it if you get it done at the right time, you can avoid some of the problems like mold, choked drainage, and corroded plumbing. If you’re looking for expert bathroom renovators, then contact Tango Design Studio and book an appointment to learn more about different designs and materials for your new washroom. We are well-aware of the complementary problems that come with bathroom renovation and we know how to deal with them in the best possible way.