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Kitchen Renovation
Kitchen Renovation 101: Basic To-Do List
Interior Designer | 5 November
Have you decided to renovate your kitchen? For many reasons, that is a great decision. A renovated kitchen brings new
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Interior Designing
Interior Design Help is Just the Press of a Button Away!
Interior Designer | 29 October
Have you gone to see a friend’s newly renovated kitchen lately, and couldn’t stop ‘oohing’ and ‘aaahing’ as you admired
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A Modern European Look- New Kitchen
A Modern European Look: New Kitchen Trends in Downtown Toronto
Interior Designer | 20 October
Kitchens are the heart and soul of our homes. When looking for a new apartment or a house, the layout
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Tango Kitchen design
From Conception to Reality: Unique Kitchen Designs Tailored to Your Needs
Interior Designer | 9 October
Where is the first place you go in the morning after stepping out of your bedroom? If you’re like most
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blue shark - white theme - kitchen renovation
Kitchen Renovations – Where do I Start?
Interior Designer | 20 September
Usually, homeowners decide on renovating their kitchen without knowing where to start the project. Sometimes people start the kitchen renovation
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2018 kitchen renovation - Ruby Red & Bistre theme
Is a Kitchen Renovation Tax Deductible in Canada?
Interior Designer | 10 September
For many homeowners, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Considering that the kitchen is the most used room
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Custom Kitchen Cabinets vs. Stock Cabinets
Interior Designer | 1 September
Are you a homeowner considering a kitchen renovation? It can be an overwhelming process. You’ll need to make decisions about
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Traditional vs. Transitional Kitchen Renovation – Which One Is Better for Your Home?
Interior Designer | 29 August
Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? Do you know what kind of renovation will be better for your home?
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Property brothers and tango
Property Brothers Features the Best Custom Kitchens in Toronto
Interior Designer | 29 August
Property Brothers is one of the coolest reality shows on Canadian/US television. It’s a show hosted by identical twin brothers,
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lifetime kitchen renovation samples (2)
4 Ways Condo Kitchen Renovations Can Make You Rich!
Interior Designer | 18 August
Renovating a kitchen in a house is very different from renovating a kitchen in a condo. Renovating a condo kitchen
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Property Brothers - Modern Kitchen Design
Top 3 Latest Kitchen Cabinet Designs for Your Consideration
Interior Designer | 8 August
Kitchen cabinets are not only there in your kitchen for the purpose of storing your crockery and utensils. Besides that,
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Arctic - Silestone Quartz counter top - Modern Kitchen (7)
Thinking About Renovating Your Kitchen? Here Are Some Modern Ideas You Can Use
Interior Designer | 27 July
If you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen then the best idea is to make it more inviting and warm. That’s
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5 Unexpected Issues That Surface During Bathroom Renovations
Renovation Specialist | 27 July
Have you ever had your bathroom renovated? If yes, then chances are you must have encountered problems during the renovation
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The Right Way to Design a Left-Handed Kitchen
How Should You Renovate Your Modern Kitchen If You Are Left Handed?
Renovation Specialist | 30 June
If you take the stats into consideration, you’ll notice that on average 15 percent people in a given population are
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2018 trends - Wall Mounted Shelves
Are You Buying a New House? Don’t Forget to Renovate Your Kitchen
Renovation Specialist | 29 June
The kitchen is the hub of all your household activity. It’s the heart of your home and that’s why keeping
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Custom Remodeling Trends to Follow in 2018
Renovation Specialist | 23 June
Why You Need Custom Bathroom Renovation and a Few Custom Remodeling Trends to Follow in 2018 Almost all of us
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custom cabinet sample 1
Useful Tips Before Getting New Custom-made Kitchen Cabinets
Renovation Specialist | 4 June
When somebody enters your kitchen what do you think they notice first? It’s always the cabinets. No doubt kitchen cabinets
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3 Ways in Which a Custom Designed Pantry Can Add Aesthetic Appeal to Your Kitchen
Renovation Specialist | 7 May
Different home organization systems offer different advantages. For instance, custom pantry storage can provide you with all those personalized features
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Black appliances for new kitchen renovation
The Designs & Colors of Kitchen Appliances for 2018
Renovation Specialist | 2 May
If you’re making plans to renovate your kitchen this year, then you might as well do it according to the
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kitchen renovation Combine Cool Gray with Auburn
Designer Color Schemes for the Kitchens of 2018
Renovation Specialist | 28 April
White kitchens have always been a preference of people. Everyone knows that. White happens to be clean, simple and gives
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2018 design - Warm Wooden Countertops
The Trend of Adding Wooden Touches to Your Kitchen
Renovation Specialist | 26 April
It’s been noted that adding wooden touches to your kitchen makes the place warmer and cozier. As a matter of
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5 Amazing Ways to Renovate Your Kitchen Cabinets
Renovation Specialist | 9 April
Renovating kitchen cabinets is an excellent idea if you want to give a new and appealing look to your kitchen
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5 Qualities of a Good Kitchen Renovation Company in Toronto
Renovation Specialist | 28 March
Kitchen renovation is really essential if you want to increase the value of your property in the real estate market,
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Kitchen Renovation Plans for Every Budget
Renovation Specialist | 27 March
Are you looking for a kitchen renovation? Are you worried about the kitchen renovation costs? Well, your kitchen transformations do
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Kitchen Work Triangle in the Remodeling Plan
How Important is your Kitchen Work Triangle in the Remodeling Plan?
Renovation Specialist | 7 March
A kitchen triangle: simply explained, it is the concept of optimally calibrating the space between the three most often visited
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Matt finished counter top -trends 2018
Kitchen Renovation Trends for 2018: An Experts Perspective
Renovation Specialist | 5 March
2018 KITCHEN RENOVATION TRENDS Kitchen remodeling is one of the most common renovation projects standing at 79% of all revamping
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Tango Kitchens Gets Featured on Houzz… Again!
Renovation Specialist | 11 February
Houzz, one of the largest online architectural platforms, has featured a Tango Kitchens transformation on its magazine for the second
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Make your Kitchen the Heart of the House!
Renovation Specialist | 30 January
“One of the nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is that we are
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How to Find Trusted Kitchen Contractors in Toronto?
Renovation Specialist | 28 January
Contractors are professionals that you, as a homeowner, entrust with great responsibility. It is only justified that you do a
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Kitchen Renovation: 4 Tips about Flooring that you Shouldn’t Miss!
Renovation Specialist | 25 January
Embarking on a journey to remodel or renovate any part of your house is an arduous task. The amount of
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Affordable Bathroom Renovation Ideas!
Renovation Specialist | 5 January
If you are not happy with your bathrooms, then you are not the only one. Surveys show that up to
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transitional kitchen design white
Should Your Renovated Kitchen Be Transitional or Modern?
Renovation Specialist | 2 January
If you are looking to renovate your kitchen you may have wondered what design to select. A lot of homeowners
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Why Modern Kitchen is Trending in 2018?
Renovation Specialist | 24 December
Kitchen layouts and designs have evolved significantly over the years because of the changing needs and desires of homeowners. Traditionally,
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Design Firm VS Reno Contractors? Who Should Renovate My Kitchen?
Renovation Specialist | 10 December
The growing need of homeowners to update their homes has led to many developers entering the profession. With so many
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Property Brothers New Modern kitchen
What It’s Like Kitchen Renovating With the ‘Property Brothers’
Renovation Specialist | 5 December
Canada’s real estate market is booming. With more and more people buying new homes, the media attention on this industry
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remodeling vs renovation - kitchen
What Are The Options For Renovating A Condo Kitchen?
Renovation Specialist | 4 December
As difficult as it is to design a great kitchen for a home, designing one for a Condo property is
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custom color - custom cabinets - custom kitchen
Pick Desired Color for your Custom Cabinets
Renovation Specialist | 16 November
Give a Unique Personality to your Kitchen with Custom Colored Cabinets Wouldn’t it be great to be able to choose
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Professional Kitchen Designers vs. IKEA: Which One You Should Choose
Renovation Specialist | 25 October
Is it Cheaper to Buy your Kitchen from IKEA? Are you confused between choosing an IKEA kitchen or a custom-designed
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Dining Room Wall units
4 Reasons Custom Wall Units Are Better Than Ready-Made Wall Units
Renovation Specialist | 18 October
If you want to make smart use of the space in your house to create a state-of-the-art modern look, then
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Home & Kitchen Renovation in Toronto
Renovation Specialist | 8 October
Home renovation is one of the most hectic tasks, yet it allows you to be creative and have fun with
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Modern Kitchen design
Traditional or Modern Kitchen: Which one is better for my house?
Renovation Specialist | 1 October
One of the biggest questions that haunt homeowners is the question regarding whether they should have a traditional or modern
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bathroom-custom bathroom
Tango Design Studio – The Key to Designing Custom Bath Cabinets Like a Pro
Renovation Specialist | 30 September
As fun as it is, home renovation is no game for a toddler. If you make the wrong choices, not
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Concrete countertop - kadum
Using Concrete Countertops to Add a Modern Feel to your Kitchen
Renovation Specialist | 3 September
Concrete was long thought to be better suited to building foundations than home décor, but increasingly design fanatics are finding
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Why you need a Lifetime Warranty on Kitchen Renovation
Renovation Specialist | 28 August
For many of us, the kitchen is the most important part of the house. We gather there in the morning
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Everything about Engineered Quartz
Everything You Should Know about Engineered Quartz
Renovation Specialist | 19 August
When you get a chance, go and take a look at a kitchen modeled before this past decade. What you’ll
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Irene & Marcos - after 2
Tango, Trusted Custom Kitchen Design Studio
Renovation Specialist | 23 July
Why Tango interior designers are the best choice for you! Imagine that you are watching your favorite reality show about
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Why Our Kitchen Design Specialists are on TV shows?!
Renovation Specialist | 15 July
Why TV Shows like, Love it or List it & Property Brothers Can’t Get Enough of Tango Kitchen Design Studio!
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3. Classy and Modern Stainless Steel Appliances
Guide to Modern Kitchens
Renovation Specialist | 11 July
What Essential Things You Should Look For to Design a "Modern Kitchen"? Modern kitchen — You may wonder what it
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remodeling vs renovation - kitchen
Kitchen Remodeling vs. Kitchen Renovation
Renovation Specialist | 3 July
You must have heard both terms bandied about and wondered about the difference between kitchen remodeling vs. kitchen renovation. Some
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reno kitchen specialist in Toronto
Kitchen Reno Specialist
Renovation Specialist | 28 June
A good kitchen reno specialist is like a unicorn – an elusive creature that you won’t believe even existed until
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