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Can an Interior Designer Help You with Your Kitchen Renovation?
Interior Designer | 10 January
When embarking on a kitchen renovation, many homeowners hire competent interior designers. We will explore (and answer) this important question:
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Best Colors for Small Kitchens to Make Them Look Bigger
Interior Designer | 25 December
Want a bigger kitchen, but don’t want to make major renovations? No problem; there are many ways to make a
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Installing Countertops or Cabinets: Which Comes First?
Interior Designer | 15 December
Kitchen cabinets and countertops are two of the most important elements that you need to focus on when renovating your
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A modern kitchen with an open pantry
The Best Kitchen Pantry Door Ideas for Modern Kitchens
Interior Designer | 10 December
For any culinary enthusiast, the pantry is probably their ‘heaven on earth,’ especially when it’s perfectly organized and completely stocked
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European kitchen style,
Take a Sneak Peek at European and High-End Cabinets in 2020
Interior Designer | 25 November
From massive, extravagant cabinets to multiple, small neon-colorued ones, kitchen cabinets have undergone many changes in style and constructionover the
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Custom Cabinetry
What does Custom Cabinetry Mean to a Kitchen Designer and a General Contractor?
Interior Designer | 15 November
Before we answer why (and how) kitchen designers and general contractors view custom cabinetry differently, let’s focus on some of
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custom cabinet sample 2
Why do Expert Kitchen Designers Choose Cabico Across Toronto?
Interior Designer | 2 November
Remodeling a kitchen sounds like a fun and exciting job; it definitely can be, but it also requires great precision,
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Kitchen with Backsplash
How to Choose the Best Backsplash for Your Kitchen
Interior Designer | 29 October
The kitchen backsplash is a wonderful opportunity for most homeowners to express themselves through a variety of colours, textures, patterns
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kitchen flooring ideas
How to Choose the Best Material and Style for Your Kitchen Flooring
Interior Designer | 18 October
One of the most important parts of your kitchen, which is also a major design statement, is your kitchen flooring.
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Kitchen Windows
Choosing the Right Window for Your Kitchen Renovation
Interior Designer | 10 October
The Material Type Choosing the right material for your windows is essential to make sure that the window fits your
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love it or list it
What the Media Hasn’t Told You About Love It or List It
Interior Designer | 25 September
While switching channels on your television, you’ve probably caught an episode of the well-known home reno and real estate show,
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Condo custom cabinetry
6 Facts About Condo Custom Cabinetry Proven to Impress Realtors & Buyers
Interior Designer | 15 September
There has been a massive surge in the popularity of condos across Canada, especially in major centers like Toronto, Montreal
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Modern Kitchens Toronto
Looking Ahead: The Future of Modern Kitchens Toronto in 2020
Interior Designer | 4 September
Your kitchen is the heart of your home; it should be a warm, inviting space that you love. Kitchens have
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Kitchen Renovations
Why We Don’t Recommend Kitchen Renovations Under 10k
Interior Designer | 28 August
There is no denying the fact that the kitchen is the heart of your home because it brings everyone together
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Bathroom Renovation
The Latest Trends in Bathroom Renovations
Interior Designer | 17 August
Our design team discusses best practices and project trends often to ensure we understand how to serve our clients better.
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Kitchens,Bathrooms and Storage Renovation
3 Renovations that Will Increase Your Property Value (and 5 to Avoid)
Interior Designer | 5 August
If you are considering a home renovation in the near future, it is a wise idea to choose projects that
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Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation
Why are the Costs of Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations Increasing?
Interior Designer | 20 July
Costs related to renovating kitchens and bathrooms rose significantly across North America in 2018. This upward trend of spending continues
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European Style Luxury Kitchens
Which Kitchen Countertop Colour is the Best Fit for Your Kitchen?
Interior Designer | 23 June
Choosing the right colour for your countertop, one of the focal points of your kitchen, is an important decision. I
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Will an Island Fit in My Kitchen?
Interior Designer | 15 June
Entertaining and cooking in your kitchen can be much easier if you have a comfortable place to gather with guests
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Kitchen renovation
What You Must Know About Increasing the Value of Your Home Before Selling
Interior Designer | 5 June
When it comes to selling your home, you probably have conflicting emotions. You may be excited about your new destination,
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Everything You Need to Know (and Nobody Will Tell You) About Renovating Your Kitchen
Interior Designer | 22 May
Congratulations! You have decided to renovate your kitchen. You know you can’t complete this project alone, but you’re in the
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Custom Kitchen Design
What You Need to Ask Your Designer Before Committing to an Open Concept Floor Plan
Interior Designer | 15 May
While there are many benefits to open spaces, there are important issues to consider before you give the approval to
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Kitchen countertops
An Effective Guide to Cleaning Kitchen Countertops
Interior Designer | 8 May
The heart and soul of your home is in your kitchen. Your kitchen serves as the hub for many household
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Tango Design Studio – 2019 Home & Garden Award Winner
Interior Designer | 26 April
When you put design knowledge, dedication to customers and sincere passion for what you do together, what do you get?
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Stainless Steel Continues to Shine
New Kitchen Renovation Trend Alert: The Top 4 Appliance and Fixtures Finishes
Interior Designer | 15 April
Finishes help to create cohesiveness in a space. They add beauty and definition to our “must have” appliances and fixtures.
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A modern kitchen
What You Need to Know About the Cost of a Kitchen Renovation in Toronto
Interior Designer | 3 April
If you are embarking on a kitchen renovation adventure (and putting aside all of the excitement and the possibilities of
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Most Popular Choices for Kitchen Cabinets-1
What are the Newest Trends in Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops?
Interior Designer | 15 March
In February 2019, new ideas, products and styles for cabinets and countertops were featured at one of the largest industry
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Shelving in the Kitchen
What Should I Know About Using Open Shelving in the Kitchen?
Interior Designer | 14 March
Whether or not you love the look of open shelving in kitchens, it’s definitely a trend in kitchen design and
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Condo Kitchen Renovation
What You Need to Know About a Condo Kitchen Renovation in Canada
Interior Designer | 5 March
Many new homes have been constructed to meet the increased demand for living space over the past decade, but the
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Living Through a Kitchen Renovation
Living Through a Kitchen Renovation: Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Interior Designer | 25 February
Whether you choose to stay in your home when you renovate your kitchen or temporarily relocate while the work is
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Lighting Kitchen
Six Tips to Improve the Lighting in Your Kitchen
Interior Designer | 12 February
The importance of lighting cannot be overstated in a kitchen. Think of all of the chopping involved in making your
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Tango design Studio Event
A Memorable Evening January 2019
Interior Designer | 5 February
On a chilly night in late January, we were graciously invited to the apartment of one of our clients. They
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European Style Luxury Kitchens
Modern Canadian Living: European Style Luxury Kitchens
Interior Designer | 25 January
A new year brings new hope and new trends with it. The atmosphere is filled with hope and joy. Amidst
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Kitchen Renovation Trends In 2019
Interior Designer | 9 January
If remodeling your kitchen is one of your projects for 2019, learning about the latest trends and tips will be
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Kitchen Remodeling vs. Kitchen Renovation
5 Must-Know Tips for Signing a Kitchen Remodeling Contract
Interior Designer | 4 January
Whether you had decided to seek help to remodel your kitchen already, or took the DIY road initially, only to
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The Uninvited Inspector’s Here: Kitchen Renovation without Permit
Interior Designer | 28 December
The holiday season is here. The year is about to end and it’s that time of the year when you
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Kitchen Renovation
Kitchen Renovation 101: Basic To-Do List
Interior Designer | 5 November
Have you decided to renovate your kitchen? For many reasons, that is a great decision. A renovated kitchen brings new
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Interior Designing
Interior Design Help is Just the Press of a Button Away!
Interior Designer | 29 October
Have you gone to see a friend’s newly renovated kitchen lately, and couldn’t stop ‘oohing’ and ‘aaahing’ as you admired
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A Modern European Look- New Kitchen
A Modern European Look: New Kitchen Trends in Downtown Toronto
Interior Designer | 20 October
Kitchens are the heart and soul of our homes. When looking for a new apartment or a house, the layout
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Tango Kitchen design
From Conception to Reality: Unique Kitchen Designs Tailored to Your Needs
Interior Designer | 9 October
Where is the first place you go in the morning after stepping out of your bedroom? If you’re like most
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blue shark - white theme - kitchen renovation
Kitchen Renovations – Where do I Start?
Interior Designer | 20 September
Usually, homeowners decide on renovating their kitchen without knowing where to start the project. Sometimes people start the kitchen renovation
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2018 kitchen renovation - Ruby Red & Bistre theme
Is a Kitchen Renovation Tax Deductible in Canada?
Interior Designer | 10 September
For many homeowners, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Considering that the kitchen is the most used room
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Custom Kitchen Cabinets vs. Stock Cabinets
Interior Designer | 1 September
Are you a homeowner considering a kitchen renovation? It can be an overwhelming process. You’ll need to make decisions about
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Traditional vs. Transitional Kitchen Renovation – Which One Is Better for Your Home?
Interior Designer | 29 August
Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? Do you know what kind of renovation will be better for your home?
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Property brothers and tango
Property Brothers Features the Best Custom Kitchens in Toronto
Interior Designer | 29 August
Property Brothers is one of the coolest reality shows on Canadian/US television. It’s a show hosted by identical twin brothers,
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lifetime kitchen renovation samples (2)
4 Ways Condo Kitchen Renovations Can Make You Rich!
Interior Designer | 18 August
Renovating a kitchen in a house is very different from renovating a kitchen in a condo. Renovating a condo kitchen
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Property Brothers - Modern Kitchen Design
Top 3 Latest Kitchen Cabinet Designs for Your Consideration
Interior Designer | 8 August
Kitchen cabinets are not only there in your kitchen for the purpose of storing your crockery and utensils. Besides that,
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Arctic - Silestone Quartz counter top - Modern Kitchen (7)
Thinking About Renovating Your Kitchen? Here Are Some Modern Ideas You Can Use
Interior Designer | 27 July
If you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen then the best idea is to make it more inviting and warm. That’s
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5 Unexpected Issues That Surface During Bathroom Renovations
Renovation Specialist | 27 July
Have you ever had your bathroom renovated? If yes, then chances are you must have encountered problems during the renovation
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The Right Way to Design a Left-Handed Kitchen
How Should You Renovate Your Modern Kitchen If You Are Left Handed?
Renovation Specialist | 30 June
If you take the stats into consideration, you’ll notice that on average 15 percent people in a given population are
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