Custom Kitchen Cabinets vs. Stock Cabinets

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Are you a homeowner considering a kitchen renovation? It can be an overwhelming process. You’ll need to make decisions about flooring, the color scheme and make sure you choose the right appliances. Besides all that, there’s another very important decision to make – kitchen cabinets. The kitchen, the heart of a home, is not complete without cabinets.

When it comes to selecting kitchen cabinets, homeowners have two options – stock cabinets and custom kitchen cabinets. Choosing between these two options can be difficult. Many factors, including financial considerations, can impact making the best decision.

It’s helpful to examine the pros and cons of both the options to make the right choice.
Before we get into specific details, let’s establish a fundamental difference between stock and custom cabinets. Simply put, stock cabinets are ready-made cabinets that are displayed at many home improvement stores. They can be bought and installed easily because they come ready to assemble. However, custom cabinets are designed and built according to the unique specifications of the homeowners. Let’s compare stock cabinets and custom kitchen cabinets further.

Advantages of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

  • Custom kitchen cabinets are designed and built for a specific space; their measurements will be exact because the kitchen cabinets were customized for the kitchen
  • Design options are endless! A design studio can make the cabinets fit the client’s space; designers can add a drawer for kitchen utensils or a built-in space for an oven or microwave
  • Kitchen cabinets can be any colour; they can match the colour, decor and style of the rest of the home; homeowners can choose any design that boosts the aesthetic appeal of their kitchen

Disadvantages of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

  • Custom kitchen cabinets can be expensive, especially if costly materials or detailed designs are involved
  • The cabinets need to be built; it will take some time before they are ready to be installed

Disadvantages of Stock Kitchen Cabinets

  • Stock cabinets are ready-made; they can be installed right away
  • They cost less than custom kitchen cabinets because stock cabinets are factory made
  • Due to their affordability and availability, stock cabinets are ideal for rented homes

Disadvantages of Stock Kitchen Cabinets

  • It can be much harder for a homeowner to find a design, style or colour they like in stock cabinets because they are not customized for their space
  • Installation may be difficult if the homeowner’s kitchen is an irregular size

After reviewing the benefits and disadvantages for these two options, there are many reasons for you to consider investing in custom kitchen cabinets. The style and design of these cabinets can be uniquely yours to reflect your personal taste.

If you’re considering having your kitchen remodeled, choose custom kitchen cabinets to incorporate you, in terms of the style and taste, into the design.
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