Kitchen Renovation Trends In 2019

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If remodeling your kitchen is one of your projects for 2019, learning about the latest trends and tips will be very helpful for you. While you will have many choices (whether or not you decide to follow the trends), our best tip is to advise you to create a renovation plan with a reputable design studio.

Whether you plan on a complete renovation for your home or some areas within it, the kitchen is an ideal place to start.

A kitchen renovation can transform your home and significantly raise the value of your property; it also has the power to wow your friends and family when they visit.

To help you choose the best look and features, we have gathered and researched the top seven kitchen renovation trends for 2019. We hope that this information helps you plan your new kitchen!

1- Unique kitchen sinks

Sinks are often neglected during a kitchen renovation. However, interior designers are finally giving them the attention they deserve! Although white stainless steel sinks are still the most popular, their overall look has significantly changed.
In 2019, you will see embossed sinks with metallic accents as well as sinks in many unique colors designed to match the kitchen furnishings.

2- Open storage

Stashing away utensils in cabinets and drawers has gone by the wayside; instead, people are choosing open storage options, such as suspended shelves and wall racks. China and everyday dishware double as decorations proudly displayed for all to enjoy and admire.

3- Pendant light

Designers are expressing uniqueness and individuality by securing lights in the middle of the new kitchens. Large, round suspended bulbs or lamps act as conversation pieces; they illuminate the kitchen and also accentuate the whole room by highlighting its features.

4- Cabinet doors and handles

Just like sinks, cabinet handles used to be a neglected aspect of kitchen renovations. Not anymore! In 2019, designers are using handles that contrast with the cabinet or drawer’s surface. For instance, leather handles attract attention when contrasted with a wooden cabinet door.
Another option is using indented handles that run along the base of the drawer or door; this design choice gives the illusion that the cabinet does not have a handle.

5- Indoor kitchen garden

Many people love to garden, so one of the trends for 2019 is to bring a mini herb garden inside the kitchen. . Small pots growing herbs are carefully placed, or you can integrate a garden strip into a wall in the room.

6- Matte black

The sharp, shiny look of stainless steel kitchen furnishings is now being juxtaposed with dull black countertops. Dark, matte textures look sleek, elegant and modern. They are also extremely functional because dirt and grease marks are less visible on darker counters.

7- Metallic accent colors

Gold and copper shades are b popular choices in new kitchen designs. They can function as accents (e.g. faucets, taps and other small fixtures) or make a bolder statement in larger furnishings like countertops or cabinet doors. Kitchens love to sparkle in 2019!

If you’re ready to start collecting ideas for your new kitchen, look out for contrasting textures, unique furnishings and vibrant, fascinating colours this year to create your dream space! We hope that these trends have inspired you to add some updates, or take on that dream renovation project you’ve been contemplating, in your kitchen in 2019.