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A new year brings new hope and new trends with it.
The atmosphere is filled with hope and joy. Amidst all of the celebrations, many of us made (and are trying to maintain) ambitious New Year’s resolutions.
People all around the world vow to make positive changes in their personal and professional lives. For some, they commit to eating healthier while others may decide to exercise regularly or put their hat in the right for a promotion at work. Whatever the resolution is, there is another common one if you live in Canada — many people take action on home renovation projects at the start of a new year.
With the ups and downs in the recent housing market, many Canadians are opting to renovate their homes instead of moving.

Canadian Remodelling Trends in 2019

Canadians are known for their willingness to take on home remodeling projects…ranging from minor fixtures, partial renovations, certain room improvements to entire home makeovers.
However, there is one particular home improvement project that stands out from the crowd.
Kitchen remodeling.
Kitchen renovation projects in luxury houses in Toronto, Canada became a trending topic in 2018.This trend was so strong that it has continued into 2019.

Someone in your circle of friends or family must have remodeled their kitchen or are currently undergoing a renovation. Even if you don’t know someone in the middle of a kitchen renovation at the moment, it is highly likely that you are planning one soon.
You may have been dazzled by a friend’s new kitchen or started dreaming while flipping through a magazine. . If you’re still looking for a clear vision on how the latest design trends would fit into your kitchen, here is what you need to know to start making informed decisions.

Modern Canadian Living Embraces European Kitchen Designs

Luxury houses in Toronto, as well as in other parts of Canada, are being rejuvenated by the look and feel of European kitchen designs.
As the famous saying goes, change is constant. This is especially true when it comes to fashion, whether it’s referring to clothing or kitchen design trends.
European kitchen designs are all about contrasting rich textures and using more natural materials. People are bidding farewell to the sharp, sterile look of stainless-steel dominated kitchens. Canadians are now embracing warm, inviting materials for kitchen furnishings.

Multipurpose islands are the next big trend… and for a very good reason. Not only do they provide extra counter space for various purposes, but they also serve as a built-in dining area.

Family members, as well as guests, can sit around comfortably and chat while you prepare a hearty meal for them.

Moreover, suspended shelves and open displays are increasing in popularity.. After all, why should you stash away all that beautiful and delicate china when it could serve as decoration as well?

You know the latest trends, and have an idea of what you like for your home. It’s time to take that step forward to start your year off right! Contact a professional kitchen designer today to begin designing your dream kitchen.