A Modern European Look: New Kitchen Trends in Downtown Toronto

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Kitchens are the heart and soul of our homes.
When looking for a new apartment or a house, the layout of the kitchen can often be a deciding factor. Although different people prefer different styles and architecture, the majority of people in downtown Toronto support a new kitchen trend: the modern European look.
Here’s what you need to know about this kitchen-fashion trend.

It’s all about textures!

Kitchen designers are gravitating to tactile, more natural finishes instead of high-gloss finishes. Thanks to advancements in technology, you can now have various rich, textured surfaces for your kitchen furnishings, along with the higher durability that was previously only available for their high-gloss counterparts.
These natural finishing textures provide warm, comfortable aesthetics, and a more homey atmosphere.
The days of shiny steel kitchens are behind us.

Multipurpose cooking islands

Providing storage, a workstation and serving as a dining area, kitchen islands may not seem new to you. However, what is new is that they now come with a stovetop.
With this added feature, kitchen islands also serve as cooking zones, provide extra bench space, and make space available for items such as a blender or coffee machine. Moreover, these islands provide a great spot for guests to sit and chat while you prepare the food. There is no need to worry about leaving your guests to prepare food because you can do it while entertaining them.

Richer and natural materials

Bright, blinding white kitchens are a thing of past! Kitchens are now being decorated with natural materials with a much warmer feel. For instance, timber is becoming more widely used, with accompanying colours ranging from deep brown to light amber and honey colored tones. Marble is another example;even when it is paired with darker colours, including black, it still creates a welcoming feel.

Suspended shelves

Open displays in kitchens are gaining popularity. Instead of trying to keep surfaces clutter-free and stashing cutlery and crockery away in the cupboards, displays are more common
Suspended shelves, which hang from the ceiling, are becoming an attractive option for many. They can also be used to create a stunning display of potted indoor potted plants or other collectables to add style and elegance to the home.

Variety in cupboard handles

Current kitchen furnishings now feature handles made of materials that contrast with the main surface. For instance, steel handles accompany a cupboard made of timber. Moreover, they are attached in a way that they are at the same level instead of jutting out from the surface.

Stainless steel bench tops

While the use of steel is being avoided in cabinets and other furnishings, stainless steel bench tops are a current trend. This choice is a very durable option for kitchen benches, but please be aware that steel can scratch easily.
With modern European kitchens becoming more popular, are you looking for ways to renovate or update your kitchen, too?