Is it Cheaper to Buy your Kitchen from IKEA?

Are you confused between choosing an IKEA kitchen or a custom-designed kitchen from a professional designer? Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or building one from scratch, one of the determining factors is the overall cost of the project.

IKEA kitchens are gaining ground among homeowners who think that they cost cheaper than a custom-designed kitchen while providing the high-quality products. However, that’s not entirely true. Short delays, differences in specifications, last minute changes, desired customization, and a few other factors incur costs when semi-custom manufactured cabinets or structure are bought from IKEA.

IKEA KitchensWhat Makes Custom-Designed Kitchens a Better Choice than IKEA Kitchens?

One of the benefits of hiring a professional for custom-designed kitchens is that you can easily request for minor changes during the renovation project without worrying about additional costs or delays.

When the same kitchen design company is also installing the cabinets and other components, they consider all the site conditions and account for every inch to ensure effective utilization of space and provide a perfect fit.

This means that any amendments can be made to the kitchen as needed, making the entire experience better as compared to purchasing ready made manufactured cabinets and other parts.On the other hand, when you go for IKEA kitchen, there is a high chance that you encounter issues concerning gaps and unaccounted spaces, giving your kitchen an unfinished look.

Not only will it cost you more to make amendments, it will also take a lot of time for the manufacturer to get back to you with the changes, wasting your precious time and leaving your kitchen incomplete for longer duration.


ikea kitchenAnother area where professional takes the lead is the level of customization. Sure, the IKEA kitchen planner allows you to test out different designs to select the one that looks the best as per your kitchen layout, there is a limit to how much customization you do with it. Catalogues have items that have fixed customization options in terms of height, depth, width, etc., and if you want to get something different from that, it is likely to cost you a lot more than you have previously anticipated.In contrast, custom-kitchen designers make cabinets, countertops, drawers, and other components after thoroughly surveying the space and jotting down its dimensions presenting the 3D view and go over all details. This allows you to enjoy a greater level of customization, giving you peace of mind that the professional designers will get everything in your kitchen right the first time, and that too in the decided upon budget.

What is the Better Option?

If cost is the determining factor, you should consider hiring a professional for your kitchen renovation or construction project. Not only it will save time and money, it will also be a more convenient option, as you will be able to leverage from professional insights backed by years of experience to help you design the kitchen of your dreams.