What Experts Are Saying About Modern Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen comprises of many different items and each of them is necessary to ensure an integrated, modern design offering seamless functionality. However, as easy as it may sound, coming up with creative ideas for achieving this purpose can be confusing and overwhelming. That is why here we have shared ten quick tips for modern kitchen renovation that will make you fall in love with your kitchen every day.

Modern Kitchen1.    Light it Up

Using just overhead lighting may not be sufficient for your kitchen because they don’t spread light equally across the space.

Since they are fixed in the ceiling, they may cast a shadow on your work-space, considerably affecting your vision. Due to this reason, they should be positioned in front of you for better visibility.

A good idea is to install under-cabinet lights, pouring light directly on countertops.

2.    Integrated Sink Tops

If you have a stainless steel countertop, you should get integral sinks custom fabricated for better functionality and appearance. You will find many options, such as depths, bowls, depts., built-in drain boards, and others, that will make it a fluid material to work with inside the kitchen.

3.    Carefully Choose your Counter Space and Surface

You may have heard people say it, but in reality, there is no such thing as enough counter space. You need to give serious thought to choosing your countertop surface. Go for one that you think will be easy to work on and maintain. However, keep in mind that stainless steel gets highly visible scratches, while grouts used in tiles are difficult to maintain. Consider Quartz for a change.  

4.    Think about the Trash

You need to plan for recycling bins and garbage. Do you think smooth, stainless steel garbage container put in a corner would do the job, or cleverly disguised built-in bins behind a cabinet door would be a better choice? In any case, choose wisely.

modern kitchen - Storage Space

5.    Storage Space Everywhere

When planning for kitchen remodeling, utilize all the vacant space in your kitchen – every nook and cranny of it.

If you have space above cabinets, get overhead cabinets that fill the space up to the ceiling. Also, consider getting deep drawers where you can easily store and access pans and pots.

Before changing the cabinets, precise measurements are essential otherwise there may be unutilized space in the drawers, cooking dishes may not fit, or may waste space in between.

6.    Evaluate your Power Needs

Make sure you have enough power outlets and sources for new appliances. Many homeowners don’t realize at the time of renovation that they should place additional electrical or gas lines at several points.

Moreover, measure the size of your appliances to ensure they fit impeccably in their allocated spots.

7.    Let go of the Old Appliances and Items

You may want to reuse your old items and appliances in your modern kitchen for saving money, but don’t you think with a fresh, new design, they will stick out and look horribly odd?

Consider allocating budget for new appliances and items to ensure a consistent look and feel.

8.    Range Hood may be a Nice Addition


A range hood will clear the air inside the kitchen of fumes and cooking odors. One of the important decision before remodeling your kitchen is choosing the right extractor option, there are couple of options like ducted (or vented) application, and ductless (or recirculating) application.

After consulting with your designer, consider purchasing the one that is stylish, efficient, and vented outside your home.

9.    Don’t Forget about Safety Measures


Being the heart of your humble abode, your kitchen should be safe and family friendly. Plan it in such a way that indoor play areas and the backyard are visible from the cooking area.

Moreover, give attention to some safety elements like slip-resistant flooring, rounded countertops, and stove placed in a way that they are out of reach from children to prevent accidental burns.



10.    Make Room for Movement

Regardless of the design of your renovated kitchen, you should put functionality over aesthetics. Whether it is L-shaped or galley, be sure to properly plan the sink, cooking range, and fridge in a way that they form a triangle with more or less 6 feet distance between them for ease of movement.


Like the ideas? Why not let a professional design studio handle your modern kitchen remodeling project for seamless results? We will provide you with a plan consisting of a 3D design, offer lifetime warranty, and give accurate cost estimates. We strive to make sure our clients are 100% satisfied with the job.