Top 3 Latest Kitchen Cabinet Designs for Your Consideration

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Kitchen cabinets are not only there in your kitchen for the purpose of storing your crockery and utensils. Besides that, kitchen cabinets have a bigger purpose to serve – add value and aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.

That’s right! The beauty of a kitchen, together with the taste of a homeowner, is reflected in the style of cabinets installed in your kitchen. And who doesn’t want to show off a fancy and trendy kitchen?

It’s true that the designing of kitchen cabinets doesn’t change much, like flooring and countertops, but there have been considerable changes pertaining to its color scheme and manufacturing material over the last few years. These days, kitchen cabinets are all about simplicity. However, the bold touch hasn’t been rendered out of fashion entirely, considering that several homeowners love to opt for colors that make a dominating statement.

Anyways, if you’re considering remodeling your kitchen, you might as well do it in the latest way. This article will help you make up your mind and choose one of the most trending styles of kitchen cabinets.

1- Shelves Are the New Cabinets

Open shelves look stunning and absolutely admirable in the magazines. It’s the latest thing that is taking over the closed wall cabinetry in 2018. Most of the homeowners might not like the idea of remodelling their kitchen without traditional cabinets, but come to think of it, open shelves also have their own benefits. Open shelves make your kitchen look more spacious, roomy, and sophisticated. If you have a small kitchen, this is the kind of look you must go after. Moreover, since you have the opportunity to display everything you keep in your kitchen shelves, you need to be very tasteful. Every item that you place in there will affect the overall look of your kitchen.

2- The Use of Customized Colors

These days, homeowners have gotten over the idea of installing ready-made kitchen cabinets available in the market. They need something different and unique that can represent their taste and standard of living. And that’s where the customized color schemes for kitchen cabinets step in. Colors that provide a neat, suave, and clean look are what homeowners are mostly after in 2018. Grey, light greens and subtle shades of yellow are most definitely in. But that doesn’t mean bolder colors, like black and bright blue, are out. These colors have also become the choice of many high-end homeowners.

3- Consider Walnut Cabinets

Walnut cabinetry was the classiest style of kitchen cabinetry back in the 90s. And it’s back now with new choices of neutral colors, beautiful texture, and luxurious style that appeal to the eyes in an instant. Kitchen cabinet manufacturers are designing new styles of doors and interior details in walnut cabinets. Installing walnut kitchen cabinets in its original color is just as perfect as installing them in a color of your choice. Different accents of grey, blue, and black seem to be the current favorites for modern homeowners.

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