Traditional vs. Transitional Kitchen Renovation – Which One Is Better for Your Home?

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Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? Do you know what kind of renovation will be better for your home? Is it going to be a traditional kitchen renovation or transitional? If truth be told, not many people can tell by looking at the pictures of renovated kitchens if the kitchen is traditional or transitional. This article will help you understand the difference and will inform you which kitchen design style has gained more popularity these days and why.

As a homeowner, knowing what trends and styles of kitchen remodeling you like the most will help you narrow down your design options. When you have so many latest designs in front of you to choose from, knowing your personal style will make things easier for you.

One of the major kitchen design styles is traditional design style, but there’s been a shift towards transitional design style lately.

Let’s find out the major differences between these two kitchen design styles.

1- Traditional Kitchen Design Style

It’s not like that when kitchen designers talk about a traditional kitchen renovation, you think of your grandmother’s kitchen with laminate flooring and flowery wallpapers. Today, traditional kitchens can have a contemporary touch but overall, they have a classic kitchen look that has warmth and a welcoming feel. Traditional kitchens also involve prominent carvings and other ornamental details. The cabinets are designed traditionally with heavy moldings and raised panels. Another striking feature of traditional kitchens is that they are colorful. However, all the colors used are in soft shades.

2- Transitional Kitchen Design Style

Simply put, transitional kitchens display a modern look with attention to detail and creativity involved in the décor. Also, transitional kitchens tend to feature a neat and streamlined look. The woodwork and carvings are rarely used, and the cabinets are of usually very European style. It means the cabinets are frameless and are installed at a uniform height all around the kitchen. The lighting is very modern and creative in transitional kitchens. Lamps shades hanging from the ceiling above the island is not the only option you have. Also, the color palette in transitional kitchens is kept very simple. However, depending on the choice of homeowners, the neutral color finishes can be in dark or light tones.

With time, transitional kitchen design style is taking over the traditional one. Homeowners are more into giving their kitchens simpler but pretty look that has a few shades of neutral colors and clean look. The fact that transitional kitchens bear a timeless and sophisticated look makes homeowners more inclined towards it.

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