New Kitchen Renovation Trend Alert: The Top 4 Appliance and Fixtures Finishes

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Finishes help to create cohesiveness in a space. They add beauty and definition to our “must have” appliances and fixtures.

Finishes are developed through a rigorous process; extensive research into understanding current trends is required. Next comes engineering and testing, and then creating and deploying the new product into the market.

According to the NKBA, here are four trends in the interior design industry that are showing up in many kitchens across Canada and the United States. Keep reading if you’re in the process of making some decisions to add some polish and personality to your dream kitchen.

1. A Matte Black Finish

Matte black has a sleek, timeless look that effortlessly complements other finishes and fixtures in a kitchen. It continues to be a popular choice.

If you’re looking to add sophistication to your kitchen, black finishes will help you achieve this look. It’s a no-fuss, simple colour option that looks modern, fresh and clean.

Matte black stainless steel appliances continue to be one of the top selling finishes in kitchen appliances. Simple and classic, black matte is a popular choice that matches well with almost any style in the kitchen. Black matte appliances even have a place in all-white kitchens because they provide a contrast.

2. Stainless Steel Continues to Shine

Similar to matte black, customers are drawn to stainless steel because it can complement almost any style, and it works especially well in kitchens with pops of colour. Trendy colours in kitchens come and go, and appliances often serve as a backdrop to enhance other areas (e.g. a backsplash).

Stainless steel continues to remain popular because it works alongside many trends, and can stand on its own to create a fresh, modern look.

3. Warm Metallics and Ombré Finishes

When you’re flipping through current home décor magazines, you will see warm, shiny finishes catching your eye. Copper, brass and bronze are popular choices in kitchen appliance, hardware, cookware, flatware and fixture finishes. A touch of warmth and sparkle goes a long way, especially when it is matched with classic colours (e.g. lots of black or white).

Adding ombré, the French word for ‘shadow’ or ‘shade,’ in the kitchen adds a subtle, decorative impact to sleek minimalist designs without taking away from the modern feel of the space.

4. Earthy Vibration-Brushed Metal Fixtures

For many years, fixtures only came in a brushed stainless steel finish. Until recently, high-gloss fixtures were the design standard in kitchens (and bathrooms).

Low-gloss, vibration-brushed metals give a much different aesthetic; they look raw and warmer than the traditional stainless steel fixtures that we have grown accustomed to.

Do you see any current trends that you would like to incorporate into your kitchen? Talk to a member of our design team to help you decide the elements that fit your style, schedule and budget.