What the Media Hasn’t Told You About Love It or List It

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While switching channels on your television, you’ve probably caught an episode of the well-known home reno and real estate show, Love It or List It. This proudly Canadian home design TV show is a fan favourite.
Every episode starts with two homeowners trying to decide if they should renovate (love) or sell (list) their home. An interior designer, Hilary Farr, and a real estate agent, David Visentin, come to the home to present their respective cases (one to renovate, the other to sell) …or so it seems.
As it turns out, there are things about Love It or List It that you don’t know after watching an episode. . If you also love this show, you’re in for a surprise!

Renovations May Be Left Incomplete

Many people do not want to participate in this show because they’re not ready (or committed to) the idea of selling their homes. Lots of people apply just to appear on TV, get a free renovation and not actually list their house.
If they do appear on the show, the show only covers half of the renovation costs. Due to financial (and other) constraints, the renovations are not always completed.

The Houses are Not Always for Sale

David, the real estate agent in Love It or List It, shows the homeowners different houses for sale. However, many of those “for-sale” houses aren’t even on the market!

Two Different Endings for One Episode

Love It or List It often shoots two different endings for every single episode. One ending films the homeowners loving their new house, and the other ending shows them deciding to list the house. The producers review each ending and decide which one will appeal most to viewers.

The Tango Design Studio for Kitchen Renovation

Lots of people wonder who performs the renovations for the houses that are shown in Love It or List It. Well, this great TV show could choose the very best design studio, and they chose Tango Design Studio!
Tango Design Studio, formerly known as Tango Kitchens, is the main kitchen supplier for Love It or List It. Find out why!

1. They Display Commitment and Enthusiasm

A key aspect of any successful business is their commitment to customer service, excellent work ethic and company values. The team at Tango Design Studio puts their commitment and enthusiasm on full display every time they complete a project.

2. Quality and Workmanship

Home renovations are a big investment. You want to find people who can deliver the project to your expectations (and view quality and workmanship the same way you do). Tango Design Studio does this every single time, which is why the show has featured them so many times.
Now that you know the secrets behind Love It or List It, it’s still fun and inspiring to watch amazing renovation projects…and we can guarantee you’ll see that every time you tune in!