During a kitchen renovation, most homeowners spend a lot of time, research and care to choose the right kitchen cabinets. The main reason for this is not only are kitchen cabinets used frequently, they serve as one of the main focal points of any kitchen.
When remodeling a kitchen, many people prefer custom cabinets because they are crafted to their colour, material, size and other specifications. It’s easy to see why custom-made cabinets can be quite costly.
If you’re investing so much into your kitchen cabinets, wouldn’t it make sense to consider a lifetime warranty??
A lifetime warranty on kitchen cabinets will protect your investment, and ensure that you’re given a high-quality product that’s free from any kind of manufacturing defect if you need to replace them. Furthermore, if something happens to the cabinets during the warranty period, the manufacturer must offer to repair or repair the damaged product at no charge to the customer.

Features of Lifetime Warranty on Kitchen Cabinets

As with many other companies and brands, we offer a lifetime warranty on our kitchen cabinets. In addition, all of our cabinets are custom-made to cater to the needs and requirements of our customers.

If you’re considering a lifetime warranty on kitchen cabinets, there are a few main features and factors associated with this kind of warranty that you should know.

1- Free of Defects

A lifetime warranty is a promise or guarantee offered by the manufacturer or the company stating that their cabinets will be free from any problems, damage, or defects due to the materials or the workmanship associated with the cabinets for as long as they are used. As the name of the warranty suggests, a lifetime warranty is only valid for the time period that you own the cabinetry (i.e. the useful life of the product).

2- Non-Transferrable

Another key feature to bear in mind is that the lifetime warranty only applies to you, the original owner of the kitchen cabinets. It is non-transferrable to subsequent owners, in case you decide to sell your house. In the case of a warranty claim, the company has the right to ask you to show them the proof of purchase to verify you are the original owner(s).

3- Discretion of the Company

If the cabinets suffer from defects or damage during the mentioned period, and you make a warranty claim, it is entirely at the discretion of the company to decide whether the product should be replaced or repaired. In both cases, you will not be charged, but you do not influence the repair vs. replace decision.

4- Warranty Limitations

Warranty claims on kitchen cabinets do not cover any cost associated with their replacement or removal. They also do not take into account the normal wear and tear of the cabinets, or exposure to factors like smoke, harsh chemicals, sunlight, intentional damage, or humidity levels. Additionally, the costs related to overtime labour, transportation, or re-installation are not covered by the warranty.

A lifetime warranty on kitchen cabinets is a great way to protect your investment. However, you should be aware that natural wood is prone to significant color changes. Kitchen cabinets are also exposed to moisture, cleaning products, sunlight and other factors that are considered to be normally-occurring variations, which is why they are generally not covered by a lifetime warranty.