Want a bigger kitchen, but don’t want to make major renovations?
No problem; there are many ways to make a small kitchen look bigger without having to resort to extensive remodeling.
From stretching the floor space to streamlining the storage area, there are several creative ideas that you can use to extend a small kitchen space in order to make it look bigger than it really is.
However, one of the most popular and proven ways to do that is by playing with the right colors! Using the correct color scheme can do wonders for small kitchens by significantly enhancing their visual appeal. Be it the color of the cabinets or the paint on the walls, it can go a long way to help extend the spatial perceptions.
Here are some ways you can play with different color schemes to make a small kitchen look bigger and more spacious.

White Is Your Best Friend

Not many people fancy having a white kitchen, but you should know that white is one of the best colors to make a tiny space look bigger. The main reason for that is that white reflects a great amount of light, which creates a kind of illusion where the walls appear to be moving away and going backward.
This significantly enhances the sense of space and helps make the kitchen appear larger. The ideal way to go about this is by painting the walls white and perhaps using other shades of white on the ceiling and backsplash. This particularly applies to studio apartments where the kitchen space is really small.

Shades of Gray

Gray is one of the most neutral colors to have in a small kitchen. From light and medium grays to Davy’s gray, there are many shades that you can play with to widen the perimeter of your kitchen. Dark grays with warm tones work amazingly well in terms of adding a deeper feel to small kitchen spaces.

Blush Pink

If you live in a west-facing studio apartment, soft shades of blush pink will truly amplify your entire kitchen. It has been touted as one of the ‘happiest colors’ that greatly brighten up a small room, thereby making it appear bigger. Blush pink would work exceptionally well if you have adequate natural light in your kitchen during the daytime.
You can pair this shade of pink with some amazing neutral and warm tones like ivory and beige, which will give a very open and airy touch to your kitchen.

Soft Black

While black may not be on your preferred list of colors, especially for a small kitchen, soft black can do wonders for small spaces. It is an excellent option for a small kitchen with very less natural light. Soft black has dark hues that can give your kitchen a magnificent and elegant look, which is ideal for making a small room appear bigger.

Light Taupe

If you still don’t want to go all-white, the next best alternative for a small kitchen is Light Taupe. This is a beautiful neutral color that can make a small space feel really large. It is ideal to use this color in a kitchen with minimal architectural features to give it great stature.

These are some of the most beautiful colors that will greatly enhance the visual appeal of any small kitchen and make it look bigger than it is!