From massive, extravagant cabinets to multiple, small neon-colorued ones, kitchen cabinets have undergone many changes in style and constructionover the last few years. Custom cabinetry has grown immensely in popularity, and most homeowners are incorporating this trend in their kitchens.
The concept of making custom cabinets to fit the unique needs of a single room has primarily been inspired by European kitchen styles. European cabinet makers have always displayed great craftsmanship in their cabinet-making skills; they focus on promoting personalization through impressive yet minimalistic designs.
Some key features of a European kitchen and other high-end kitchen cabinets include contemporary styling and the use ofhidden hinges to maximize storage space. North American kitchens are often inspired by European designs.

Let’s see what European and high-end kitchen cabinets will look like in 2020!

Eco-Friendly Materials

With custom cabinetry on the rise, most homeowners will be opting for custom cabinets made from eco-friendly materials in order to protect the environment. Interestingly, numerous cabinet makers and leading companies (like IKEA) are determined to use more natural materials in their kitchen cabinets and other products. Some of these environmentally friendly materials include bamboo and recycled plastic bottles.
The primary goal is to promote waste reduction and reuse recycled materials in custom cabinetry. .

Frameless Construction

Many European kitchen cabinets and current high-end kitchen designs feature frameless cabinets, and this trend will continue in 2020.
Frameless cabinets are popularly referred to as contemporary-style cabinets, and you are likely to see them in any high-end kitchen. As the name suggests, they do not contain face frames, but have hidden hinges in the side walls. This construction allows the shelves, drawers and doors to stay put right on the edges of the cabinet boxes. Compared to framed cabinets, frameless construction offers a sleek, modern look, and provides increased storage space.

Colorful or Two-Toned Cabinets

White kitchens are a classic design, but 2020 is likely to bring two-toned or brightly-colored cabinets that will stand complement your other kitchen accessories. Expect to see high-end kitchen designs witha beautiful,, bright chartreuse colour to make the space stand out.

Horizontal Graining

Most homeowners prefer natural materials with horizontal graining and patterns because this style is a contemporary cabinet design (and very popular). The main reason for its popularity is that it offers a linear look that translates into a clean, sophisticated design. It also starkly contrasts cabinets with a heavy, glossy appearance, which is likely to become out-of-date.

Watch out for these cabinet styles and themes in 2020. Would you like to use one (or more) of these ideas in your dream kitchen? If you’re ready to start a new decade with a kitchen renovation, we’re here to help!