Remodeling a kitchen sounds like a fun and exciting job; it definitely can be, but it also requires great precision, focus and attention to detail. From choosing cabinets and countertops to the flooring and doors, every decision has to be made after careful research and consideration.
Many expert kitchen designers in Toronto choose Cabico for custom cabinetry because that’s what they do best!

What is Cabico?

Cabico is one of the most popular manufacturers of custom cabinets in North America with a 25 year history of excellenceCabico has two locations in Ontario and Québec.
This manufacturing company is best known for their incredible selection of materials, styles, designs and finishes that offer flexibility and inspiration to all kitchen designers out there.

Reasons Why Kitchen Designers in Toronto Prefer Cabico

When renovating a space like the kitchen, you need it to be more than just aesthetically pleasing, but also intelligently designed. Cabico’s custom cabinets offer all of these important elements — beauty, looks and great functionality. But that’s not all.

No Compromise on Quality

One of the many great things about Cabico is that they never compromise on quality. They strive to achieve the highest standards of excellence in products with the help of unique designs, layouts and features. Cabico also exercises maximum care and precaution in terms of selecting the highest quality materials so that you have durable, beautiful cabinets in your kitchen for years to come.

Extensive Collection

One factor that truly enhances the whole renovation process is having lots of variety. In other words, working with Cabico provides the opportunity to choose from a wide collection to ensure that your kitchen ends up looking exactly how you want it to look.
Cabico offers a plethora of choices to every kitchen designer in every style you can imagine. Their collections ranges from completely traditional to super trendy and unique, which offers you the liberty to choose whatever you want. Not only this, but you can further enhance your kitchen with many accessories to create your own personalized space.

Finest Wood Species

One of the main reasons why kitchen designers in Toronto choose Cabico is because they offer three of the finest and highest quality wood species on the market. Maple, red oak and cherry tree species are incredibly strong structurally, and come with amazing variations, such as distinctive patterns, increased resistance to moisture and many different colours. The combination of choice, durability and quality ticks all the boxes designers are looking for when they create custom cabinets for their clients.

Respect for Nature

One of the most admirable traits about Cabico as an organization is that they deeply care for nature, and strive to ensure that their products follow strict environmental regulations and policies. They also follow eco-friendly cabinet-making processes for the same reasons.

Cabico has built a positive reputation with kitchen designers across Canada since 1986 for more reasons than we can list in this article. They are a leader in the industry, and it is a pleasure to use their materials in design projects across the Greater Toronto Area.