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Tango Design Studio previously known as Tango Kitchens has been a featured kitchen supplier to the hit Tv show, LOVE IT OR LIST IT on W Network. It has been a great ride!! As of January 2014 Tango has completed 15+ episodes for LOVE IT OR LIST IT TORONTO and is currently working on their upcoming show, LOVE IT OR LIST IT VACATION HOMES!!

We love what we do and we bring enthusiasm and commitment to every project we work on. Our Integrity, quality and workmanship, fair costs, being on time and on budget are all the many reasons we’ve had a long term relationship with the show and continue to do so! Now, that is something to be proud of.

When Barb and Pete bought their semi detached home it was with a 5 year plan. Over a decade and two active, teenage kids later, they’re still there and struggling with the tiny cramped spaces more than ever. Can Hilary prove to Pete that this house can work? Or will David find them the home that delivers not only the space they need, but the peace of mind they deserve?

Sisters Julie and Sherry bought this three story home because of its potential to give them each their own space as well as an income unit in the basement. However, Julie feels she has the short end of the stick with the main floor and basement as her space; there is no proper bedroom on the main floor so she must sleep in the noisy, dark basement where her bathroom is also located. Sherry wants her sister to see the potential for a great home where they can have all they want but that’s fair to them both. She just needs Hilary to create three completely finished separate spaces that will allow them to rent out the basement, as well as improve the heating throughout the house. The task is a big one for Hilary, while David has the enviable position of just finding them a three unit, finished house in any neighbourhood but their own.

Roxanne and her daughter Dee are outgrowing their tiny bungalow. The close proximity of their bedrooms and the tiny main floor layout has made a lack of privacy and a general lack of space the main issues for Dee. Roxy also uses the basement for her business, which leaves no room for Dee to entertain. David must find an affordable home that gives both women separate spaces to call their own, while Hilary has to find a way to create more useable space within their existing home.

After 35 years of living in this house, Irene & Marcos felt that the space was no longer working for them. Their children had gotten married and with the addition of spouses and grandchildren at family gatherings they were desperately struggling to accommodate everyone in their current space.

What we did: Create an open concept kitchen that was perfect for their growing family. One of the unique features of this beautiful kitchen is The large center island which has additional storage, a bar sink and extra seating. This space is now perfect and ready to host the entire family for the years to come.

When Sarah and Andrew became parents of two girls, they knew it was finally time to buy a house and opted for a quaint home in a central neighborhood. It seemed the house was perfect- until the arrival of an unexpected third child and a demand for a nanny. This growing family needed more space and storage.

What we did: We transformed the kitchen into an open concept space on the main floor with lots of functional storage and organization nooks. Some of the great features of the space are the large center island with built in storage and counter space, Separate desk area for the kids and the pantry wall with lots of pullouts and open shelves. And now this greatly transformed kitchen and main floor perfectly accommodates this family of five and their nanny.

After a decade of battling in a long abused former flop house, Danielle and Aaron couldn’t take it anymore. The renovation to do list wasn’t getting any smaller and The kitchen cabinets were really old and dysfunctional and ready to be gutted. There didn’t even have enough space to store their daily food items.

What we did: Designed a more functional layout with the addition of a peninsula instead of a wall. This resulted in a more open space with a much better flow on the whole main floor and mainly the kitchen. Lighter and warmer colour palette was used to brighten up the space and pullouts and built in accessories were carefully places inside the kitchen cabinets to meet the families storage needs.

Wendie & Dave wanted their needs to be met and were not prepared for too many compromises. They were tired of the strange layout of the house mainly the kitchen. It needed to be more functional to meet this busy families expectations and to cater to everyone’s specific needs

What we did: This beautiful kitchen was the result. We combined 2 colours to distinguish the prep area from the fridge wall and the desk on the opposite wall. The unique stand up desk unit was created specifically for Dave due to a bad back and the open concept dual peninsula was designed mainly for Wendie so she can easily watch over the kids while at the sink.

This space needed to become family friendly really fast. Not only was this kitchen outdated, it was struggling to meet the growing demands of this family. The kitchen was lacking a sense of openness with the fridge cramped into the kitchen and the peninsula right in the middle.

What we did: A center island was added to improve traffic and storage space ,The wall on which the fridge used to be, was removed to make the home more open from the front entrance and the fridge was moved to a different wall surrounded by tall pantry cabinets to meet the family’s growing storage needs.