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If you are not happy with your bathrooms, then you are not the only one. Surveys show that up to 60% people are not satisfied with their baths and would prefer to upgrade them.

The major reason most home owners don’t go through with an update is because they are worried about the cost.

We have put together a number of renovation ideas that can give your bathroom that special modern touch without putting too much strain on your budget. Here are some things to consider.

Size of the Bathroom

Everyone has different needs when it comes to design and layout of bathrooms. For a start, you need to consider how much space you have. With more space, you can have bigger, better amenities such as a bigger bathtub or better vanity.

But you don’t always need to have a lot of room to create a gorgeous looking bathroom. Even a small bathroom, if neatly designed, can look amazing.

The View

Bathrooms with bad window design don’t let in a lot of sunlight. They appear dark, damp and are unpleasant to use. When renovating to a modern bathroom, most people opt for a bigger window that offers a great view.

With big windows however, many people are concerned about privacy. You can counter that by using blinds, curtains, textured glass windows and frosting.

Attached Baths Vs Hall Baths

Another thing to consider when renovating your bath is whether it is a hall bathroom or an attached one. Usually the attached master bathroom sets the standard for the property and should receive the most work and attention.

Master Bathroom

Bathtubs are a must have for the master bathroom. There are many varieties you can choose from based ranging from the latest in design, comfort to value that they offer.

Second thing to consider is the vanity. A great range is available in the market and you can update to the one you like that is within your budget.

Secondary Bathrooms

Focusing on the master bath does not mean the secondary bathrooms should be neglected. The hall baths or the half bath downstairs usually get used a lot more. They are also the baths that will be used by the guests and set the image of the property.

Homeowners generally don’t spend a lot of money on secondary baths and can still get a neat and chic look. You can make your bathrooms look great with a smart selection of tiles, color and counters.

Toilet Position

A well-designed bathroom takes the position of the toilet into consideration. Many homeowners agree that when you open the bathroom door, it should not be the first thing that you see. Placing the toilet directly in view of entrance can also lead to accidents and unnecessary surprises.

If you have a bathroom with this defect, the experts at Tango can help improve the layout with a better design.

The best way you can get your bathroom updated within a limited budget is by hiring a design studio, like Tango, who is specialized in bathroom renovation. Hiring a regular contractor may seem cheaper on paper, but they will end up costing you more in terms of material costs or fail to give your bathroom that modern, chic and trendy look which is in fashion.