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The Latest Trends in Bathroom Renovations

Our design team discusses best practices and project trends often to ensure we understand how to serve our clients better. Now that we’re over halfway through 2019 and getting close

3 Renovations that Will Increase Your Property Value (and 5 to Avoid)

If you are considering a home renovation in the near future, it is a wise idea to choose projects that will add value to your house, apartment or condominium now

Why are the Costs of Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations Increasing?

Costs related to renovating kitchens and bathrooms rose significantly across North America in 2018. This upward trend of spending continues into 2019. Tariffs on imported building materials, including cabinetry, countertops,

What are the Newest Trends in Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops?

In February 2019, new ideas, products and styles for cabinets and countertops were featured at one of the largest industry events, the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, in Las Vegas.

5 Unexpected Issues That Surface During Bathroom Renovations

Have you ever had your bathroom renovated? If yes, then chances are you must have encountered problems during the renovation that you hadn’t expected in the first place. Turns out,

Custom Remodeling Trends to Follow in 2018

Why You Need Custom Bathroom Renovation and a Few Custom Remodeling Trends to Follow in 2018 Almost all of us start our busy days in our bathrooms. We take a

Affordable Bathroom Renovation Ideas!

If you are not happy with your bathrooms, then you are not the only one. Surveys show that up to 60% people are not satisfied with their baths and would

Tango Design Studio – The Key to Designing Custom Bath Cabinets Like a Pro

As fun as it is, home renovation is no game for a toddler. If you make the wrong choices, not only will you be wasting a sufficient amount of money,

Master Bathroom Renovation Nightmares That You Can Avoid

Master bath renovations are the trickiest. There are lots of hidden costs involved in bath renovations, making the project pretty stressful. However, if you head into a bathroom renovation project

Top 10 Bath Trends for 2017 based on National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA)

If you are tired of looking into bathroom design trends for the year and cannot decide what to pick, here’s something that might help. The National Kitchen and Bath Association