Custom Remodeling Trends to Follow in 2018

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Why You Need Custom Bathroom Renovation and a Few Custom Remodeling Trends to Follow in 2018

Almost all of us start our busy days in our bathrooms. We take a bath, brush our teeth, and wash our face. Considering each day is a new opportunity, and you need the right energy to meet your daily goals, you should start each day in a bathroom that is designed to meet your individual preferences. This is the perfect way to embark on your routine journey. It will set the right mood and lift your spirit to meet the challenges in store for you each day.

Yes! Your personal bathroom space is actually that important in your life.

Here are some convincing reasons as to why you should go for custom remodeling of your bathroom in 2018.

Get a Bathroom That Meets Your Specific Needs

Every person is different from another person. We all have different tastes. So why would you settle in for a standard renovation of your bathroom? With custom bathroom renovation, you have ample opportunities to go for that can set your bathroom apart from everyone else’s bathrooms. This is the chance where you get to design your bathroom that fits your taste and personal lifestyle needs.

Turn Your Dream Bathroom into a Reality

If you have been considering remodelling your bathroom, then you must have gone through a lot of designs in your head, planning what kind of bathroom you would like to have for yourself. Well, this is the time when you get to implement your ideas. Work with a custom bathroom design company and benefit from infinite unique ideas and options.

Now that you have made your mind to remodel your bathroom and design it to meet your personal specifications, here are three great custom bathroom renovation trends that you must follow in 2018.

1- The Use of Black

Well, it seems that reflective metals have gone out of style. This is the year when you should go for intense matte black bathroom fixtures. If you’re deciding to go with black matte finish fixtures, don’t forget they look amazing with white countertops.

2- Stunning Wallpapers

Wallpapers with abstract designs that look like brushstrokes are in. You can also select wallpaper with an artistic print. Wallpapers add a personal statement to your bathroom. And that’s why you should go for one.

3- The Stone Sinks

The idea of installing ceramic sinks in your bathroom has gone stale. Now is the time to buy stone vessel sinks. You would be amazed to see the latest variety. A hand carved stone sink has a great visual appeal, especially when its outside is different in color and texture from its inside.

The new ideas for custom bathroom renovation are endless. You can hang statement drapes, install bamboo flooring, and get your bathroom cabinets designed according to your taste. When you remodel a space in your house with custom designs, you are allowed to do things your way. The floor, the ceiling, and the décor are all entirely up to you. If you want expert designers for a custom bathroom renovation, then contact Tango Design Studio. Our designers and renovation experts are some of the best artists in Toronto and the GTA. Keeping in mind your budget and taste, our design studio will transform the bathroom of your dreams into a reality. Give us a call at 416 679 9300  and we will help you.