Designer Color Schemes for the Kitchens of 2018

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White kitchens have always been a preference of people. Everyone knows that. White happens to be clean, simple and gives a sense of purity. But there has been a bit of advancement in the color schemes that were commonly being used in the kitchens up till now. Now, color seems to be taken as a kitchen’s best friend! Recently, the designers have realized that colors can be used in the kitchens to highlight architectural details or for giving old cabinets a newer look. In fact, using colors wisely in the kitchens can brighten the whole place up.

You can paint the island in your kitchen with a bright refreshing color and it can be a real mood booster. You can combine two color schemes on your cabinets and add some life to the place. So, believe it or not, it’s time to be creative and to add some color to your plain white kitchen.

We’ve selected some ideas which can truly be an inspiration to you.

1- Blue shark & White Theme

Using two shades of the same color in a large kitchen is the new 2018 trend for the kitchens.

The deep blue colored island becomes the center of attraction, while the sky-hued cabinets define the boundary.

Many interior designers are choosing subtle conventional shades for the ceilings, and are harmonizing the kitchen with the stainless steel appliances.

2- Ruby Red & Bistre

If you’re in for using darker shades in your kitchen, then this remarkable color combination by the designers is typically for you.

It will make your kitchen look very balanced due to the equal intensity of these two colors. The cabinets are designed black to provide a darker perimeter and to make the bright red island at the center look more prominent and dominating.  The countertops are designed in lighter tones to keep the overall look of the kitchen from feeling too heavy.

Add stainless steel utensils, and you get the kitchen of your dreams!

3- Combine Cool Gray with Auburn

The cool gray shade is somewhat a color that sort of seems to change its color in the lighting.

People often wonder if it’s gray or if it’s blue. But it sure looks stunning with a fiery auburn island at the center.

If you paint the back of the open shelves with a lighter tone of the same gray, it adds depth to the whole place and showcases the accessories you have painted with bright colors.

These were only some highlights of the hottest ideas designers have for your kitchens this year.

For more color combinations that can give your kitchen a brighter, fresher and a modern look, book an appointment today and visit our showroom, browse through our latest kitchen designs for this year. We believe, in 2018, it’s time for the kitchens to go extremely inspirational and stunning!