It’s been noted that adding wooden touches to your kitchen makes the place warmer and cozier. As a matter of fact, wood can be the perfect dominating element in your kitchen.

It’s primarily because wood has a huge variety of styles, finishes, and qualities available. Moreover, with wood, it’s possible to create more customized designs than with any other material. Thus, due to all these factors, wood has become a top choice for many homeowners. Here are some beautiful ways to add wooden touches in your kitchen to make it more attractive.

2018-kitchen-renovation-Wooden-Kitchen-Cabinets1- Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

When you add touches of wood to a white kitchen, it makes a perfect combination. You can use walnut for the cabinets. Walnut cabinets are not only strong and durable but also beautiful.

Aside from adding value to your kitchen, walnut cabinets can blend in with the white hue of your kitchen, making a very attractive contrast. Moreover, wooden cabinets always make a perfect pair with tiled walls and granite countertops, regardless of your choice of wood.

2- Wall Mounted Shelves

Kitchens with open shelves always look attractive. So why not have those shelves made out of wood. Adding the feature of wooden wall mounted shelves to your kitchen can make the overall design visually appealing. This style really works, especially if you have a subtle color scheme in your kitchen.


2018-design-Mix-and-Match-Style3- Mix & Match Style

This is perhaps the best way to incorporate a wooden touch to your kitchen. If you have an all-white theme in your kitchen, then the charm of a dark wood dining table or dark wood shelves would go perfectly with the theme. The most desirable effect of this mix and match style would come by using walnut wood because it has the right shade of darkness that will go with the white in your kitchen.

4- Warm Wooden Countertops

Kitchens are a very functional area. And the functionality of a kitchen depends on its kitchen worktops. For someone who is really a kitchen workhorse, these countertops need to be sturdy and beautiful. Most of the kitchens you would come across use common materials such as quartz and granite for worktops.

But if you replace these materials with wooden countertops, it would add value to your kitchen in significant proportions. These wooden worktops just make your kitchen more comfortable and classy. If you want to add more look to your kitchen, then pair these wooden worktops with white cabinetry and then you’ll have a warm and inviting kitchen.


These were some of the most basic ideas of adding wooden parts to your white or low hue themed kitchen. Besides these ideas, you can also consider installing wooden hoods above the cooking ranges, or you can have a customized wooden pantry designed for your kitchen as well.

For a variety of kitchen designs that have a classy touch of wood book an appointment with Tango’s kitchen designers and check our latest kitchen designs in the showroom!