Learn More about Kitchen Countertop Surfaces

There was a time when choosing a counter top for your kitchen was an easy task, there being only a handful of choices with one or two of them clearly standing out. Nowadays a ton of new options have made the selection quite a troublesome task. It’s like a competition going on between all the countertop surfaces where there’s not one or two fighting for the top grade, but rather the entire industry with everyone bringing their best game in.

If you were searching for a description on each of the top candidates making huge success in the race, we have it all sorted out for you. Below is the list of famous kitchen countertop surfaces, precisely composed to give you a resourceful and clear-cut overview on the qualities and capabilities of every nominee. Let’s see what they have to offer!


Marble has long been treated as one of the most chic and prestigious materials when it comes to getting a countertop surface for both your kitchen and bathroom, and needless to say it looks amazing on the floor too. Marble has a porous surface and because of the way it is manufactured, it rather easily holds on to stains and does not put up much against scratches either. So, although this material will add a class to your kitchen with its classic and timeless beauty, you will need to look out for stains and etched corners.

Love the lustre that a newly installed, fresh marble fixture has on it? You might need to get your countertops resealed every 1 to 2 years in order to retain the sheen and silkiness of the surface.

Marbles are also eminent for the interesting textures they come with, and as pretty as they are, they’re not much of a competition against granite and other options when it comes to being heat resistant. This infamous material can actually crack from thermal shock and discoloration may also occur.


Quartz is a man-made surface with sustainability so at the top that stain, scratch, heat, acid and impact has no effect on it. If you are looking for something to last you a long time without requiring much attention, work or money, this highly durable material can be found in a range of colors and options that make this surface a very practical and easy to maintain choice for your kitchen. Quartz has a non-porous surface that does not ask to be sealed, so that just adds to all the great qualities a Quartz countertop comes with.


This exquisite countertop surface is a sister to Quartz and due to the luxurious grandeur it lends to your place, it comes in a price to match for it. It’s constructed with all natural stone and calls for a sealing session approximately once every year. This product is available in a variety of colors and tones so it won’t be a problem to find the one that goes best with the rest of your kitchen’s theme.


The dense and non-porous surface of soapstone is quick to attract scratches but any minute flaw can be easily buffed out using sandpaper, which contributes to the less fussy nature of this material. Occasional application of mineral oil on the surface can help tone down the visibility of unwanted scratches. The countertop that’s made with soapstone is a picture of gray with veining patterns spread across the surface making your slabs look uber-chic and trendy. One of the cool things about soapstone countertops is that they develop a patina with use.


Butcher block is a timeless beauty that adds a good deal of warmth and character to your kitchen design. This countertop proves to be quite sanitary when it has been sealed properly which is why it serves as a great workspace for chopping and baking. With the material being heat resistant as well, you have all the more reason to choose this if you want a classic yet reliable look.


Concrete is more or less the same as butcher block in terms of qualities. It gives you the same sanitation after being sealed nicely and preparing food on such a slab gives you the satisfaction of proper hygiene and cleanliness. Concrete is also heat resistant and looks amazing when you mix and match it with other surfaces.


Granite is the more affordable option in this list. It comes in both glossy and matte finish with a range of colors to choose from and is highly convenient to work on. Its non-porous material makes it effortless for you to wipe away spills and does not give way to stains that easily.


As beautiful as a limestone countertop looks, it is also very demanding when it comes to maintenance. This material has the potential to burn and if you fortuitously spill something on it, you’ll need to clean it up quickly for it is prone to hosting stains. It is practically an etch-magnet but the gorgeous natural looking options you get in the limestone series make you ignore all the shortcomings and urge you to give it a try!