Master Bathroom Renovation Nightmares That You Can Avoid

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Master bath renovations are the trickiest. There are lots of hidden costs involved in bath renovations, making the project pretty stressful. However, if you head into a bathroom renovation project without preparation, you are bound to lose a lot of money.

If you want to avoid disappointments and save your money, it is important to avoid the following bath renovation nightmares at all cost:

Not Putting Enough Attention on Functionality

Everyone dreams of a grand bathroom where they can relax in the bathtub not caring about the stress that surrounds them. Of course it is okay to wish for a bathroom that has a gorgeous vanity and perfect lighting. But if you put too much focus on beauty, you will end up messing the functionality of your bathroom.

So, it is important to have a justified explanation for anything that you do. Focus on elements that make your bathroom more comfortable and then try to look for ways to opt for good-looking and functional items in that category. This way you will not end up in a bath that looks grand, but makes you feel super uncomfortable.

Doing the Renovation on your Own

Even if you follow bathroom renovation ideas and design plans religiously, do not opt for self-renovation. Bathroom renovations are crucial, complex, and detailed. That’s why they are best handled by professionals in the field. Doing bathroom renovation on your own might result in a mess. You might know everything about renovating a bath, but in the end, it is the experience and industry knowledge that counts.

Hiring unprofessional and unreliable contractors is another big mistake that you must avoid when opting for bathroom renovations. Unprofessional contractors might not be able to create the bath that you had in mind, resulting in disappointments and loss of money.

You are not making a flower pot or cupboard, but you are renovating a big bathroom space with lots of features. Therefore, thinking of going DIY can have bad results.

Not Investing in Quality Products

If you want your bathroom renovation to stick up to your expectations, it is important to make use of quality products. Do not get cheap fixes to save money because poor quality items wear out sooner than your anticipate. In a bid to save money, you will end up wasting it all. A cheap shower might work perfectly now, but it will start to trouble you in a few days.

Using Porous Materials

Bathroom renovations are tricky because the space is exposed to water and moisture. One of the worst mistakes that many people make in bathroom renovations is using porous materials. Porous materials tend to absorb moisture, resulting in damage to the entire bathroom. Porous tiles or paint will swell over time, causing rusting and extensive damage to the space. Do not use soft wood or fabric in your master bathroom and if you are using porous stone, make sure it is properly sealed.