Living Through a Kitchen Renovation: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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Whether you choose to stay in your home when you renovate your kitchen or temporarily relocate while the work is being completed, you are likely to face stress because, regardless of your choice, you will have to adapt your daily routines. According to a kitchen trends study conducted by Houzz, most people (66%) stay in their homes, 26% partially move out and 8% relocate for the entire duration of a kitchen renovation.

Many of our clients follow this trend by choosing to stay in their homes for all (or most) of the kitchen renovation. They often tell us about using (or creating) another kitchen in their home as well as finding another place to eat.

For the 8% of people who decided to move out of their homes for the entire renovation, 55% stayed with a friend or family member, 37% took a vacation and 12% stayed in a hotel or motel during the renovation process.

Which Choice is Less Stressful?

As incredible as the final outcome of a renovation can be, it’s just as likely to be stressful along the way.

If you stay in your home, you will have to accept that you will not be able to use your kitchen or main eating area, get used to people coming and going on a regular basis, and endure the dust and disarray that goes along with a major construction project. If you choose to leave your home, you will have to deal with missing the comforts of a familiar space, and you may have to go back to your home to pick up items you forgot to pack or did not realize that you needed. Seeing the renovations in progress may be exciting or it may cause you to worry about the final outcome.

Almost every person included in the Houzz kitchen survey reported experiencing some stress; 81% of people who stayed in their home or partially moved out reported some stress while 78% of people who relocated during the renovation process also experienced a moderate level of stress.

The survey also measured the number of people who felt extremely stressed during the renovation. Interestingly, 10% of people who moved out completely felt the highest level of stress followed by people who relocated completely (8%) contrasted with 3% of people who stayed during the renovation.

Making Your Choice

If you have ever been through a renovation before, you can use your past experiences to help you make the best choice for you (and any others affected by the renovation). Talk to your renovation team, family and friends if you are struggling to make the right decision.

In the Houzz survey, a common theme for people who were less stressed by the renovation were accepting of the living arrangement they chose. For example, some of the positive experiences during a renovation included:

– Developing closer bonds with family and friends through living with them
– Traveling to new and exciting destinations during the renovation
– Documenting and watching the process of the renovation on a daily basis

All of the changes and challenges you face during a renovation may cause stress. However, there is also an opportunity to create memories or great stories that may bring a chuckle or smile to your face when you think of them. There will be ups and downs during the renovation process, but the end result, the kitchen of your dreams, will definitely be worth it.