Many new homes have been constructed to meet the increased demand for living space over the past decade, but the majority of Canadian homeowners prefer to invest in improving their current homes instead of moving.
With so many different home renovations options available, there are ways to update and improve your home on any budget. Even if your home does not need repairs, sometimes a home renovation is just as important to make the space more welcoming and inviting. In terms of return on investment, it can boost the value of your house when you sell it.. However, if you live in an apartment or a condo, a home renovation project can present some different challenges.
Renovations in shared living spaces, such as a condominium, have some unique requirements because other owners may be living very close to you. If you are planning a condo kitchen renovation, you need to do some research to ensure the project follows building codes and other related requirements.
Here is some information that you need to consider before committing to a condo kitchen renovation in Canada.

Condo Kitchen Renovation

How Much Will it Cost?

As exciting as a kitchen renovation project is, you must begin by deciding how much you are willing to spend, as well as determining your exact budget.
It is estimated that on average, a kitchen remodel costs approximately $150 per square foot, although this can range from $75 to $250 for every square foot. Condos in Canada generally have kitchen with approximately 150 square feet of living; this translates to a budget of at least $22,500 when you are saving or allocating funds for a condo kitchen renovation.
The actual cost of the project depends on many variables, such as the total size of the kitchen, the quality and quantity of materials used and the types of cabinet furnishings selected (cabinets and drawers, etc.).

The Must-Not-Forget

While you focus on the condo kitchen renovation cost, you must remember to consult with the building’s board members to find out if there are any specific rules that you need to follow.
A few upgrades may not raise any concern, but large-scale projects like changing the layout, moving utilities or installing new flooring may not be allowed.
Hardwood is a popular choice for kitchen floors, but did you know that you can’t install it in a condo? Many homeowners who spent thousands of dollars to renovate their condos had to remove the newly installed floorboards because it did not comply with the building rules, and the installation process disturbed people in other units.

How to Have a Successful Condo Kitchen Renovation

If you want to avoid costly issues or a great deal of stress during your condo kitchen renovation, then you should consider hiring experts who specialize in condo renovation projects to help you through this transition.
When you consult the best kitchen designers in Canada, they will know the rules and regulations associated with condo kitchen renovations, and can help you to make the right choices to create the kitchen that you have always wanted.

Condo Kitchen Renovation