Can an Interior Designer Help You with Your Kitchen Renovation?

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When embarking on a kitchen renovation, many homeowners hire competent interior designers. We will explore (and answer) this important question: are interior designers the best choice to help you with a professional kitchen renovation?
There’s no denying that interior designers do a great job with renovation and remodeling projects. However, for a kitchen renovation project, you need to hire someone who specializes in this kind of work.
A kitchen designer is, in other words, a specialized expert with expertise in custom cabinetry, overcoming spatial challenges, identifying physical restrictions and creating different functional designs.
Although an interior designer, or even an architect, can give you valuable insights, a professional kitchen renovation completed by a dedicated kitchen designer will give you the best results
Let’s examine the different ways how and why kitchen designers are a better choice than interior designers when it comes to your kitchen renovation project.

They Have More Knowledge and Experience

Since kitchen designers specialize in kitchens, they have more in-depth knowledge of current trending styles, colour schemes, types of custom cabinetry, etc. An interior designer can surely help you narrow down your options, but a kitchen specialist will provide expert advice and informed opinions to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

The Can Help Oversee the Renovation

One of the biggest benefits of working with a kitchen designer is that they will oversee the construction in your kitchen. They are present on-site to ensure that the remodeling is progressing on time, on schedule and in the right direction to achieve your desired results. Hiring a kitchen designer gives you great peace of mind (and allows you to focus on other tasks) because they are supervising the renovation. With an interior designer, you will need to be on-site more often to manage the renovation, and this may not be possible (or practical) for you.

They Make the Most of Your Kitchen

Kitchen designers have great expertise in maximizing the space in your kitchen and planning a functional, efficient space. . They can help you draft an ideal floor plan while giving you advice on the best materials for your kitchen. In addition, they have contacts (and firsthand experience) working with the best contractors and suppliers.

Finding the Right Kitchen Designer

A successful kitchen renovation depends on your ability to hire the right kitchen designer and specialist for your professional kitchen renovation.
You need to do your research if you want to get in touch with not only the right, but the best kitchen designers. Definitely meet and interview more than one kitchen designer (three is recommended) before you make your decision.
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