If you take the stats into consideration, you’ll notice that on average 15 percent people in a given population are left-handed, whereas nearly 100 percent of modern kitchens are designed keeping the specifications of a right-handed person in mind.

The-Right-Way-to-Design-a-Left-Handed-KitchenThus, if you’re a lefty and you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, this could be the chance you had been waiting for so long. Now is the time for you to customize your kitchen according to your left-handed needs.
A kitchen should reflect the personality of the person who uses it, so go ahead and inform your kitchen designer that you use your left hand while cooking and that the planning for your kitchen must be done for a left-handed person.
You must be wondering why left-handed people need an especially designed kitchen for them. Well, the answer to that question lies in the little details that make a kitchen perfect for you. A lefty will have to reverse the entire order of the way things are done in a kitchen by a right-handed person.For a righty, this might make everything look upside down. Just like right-handed kitchens have felt odd to lefties all these years.
In this article, let’s find out what changes in the designing of a modern kitchen will make it suitable for a lefty.

The room for dishes on the left side of the sink must be sufficient…

A simple fact is that when a lefty does the dishes they usually put the dirty ones on the right side of the kitchen sink. As for the clean ones, they go to the left side, because that’s just normal for them. Thus, an ideal kitchen for a lefty would allow sufficient room on both sides of the sink, but the counter space on the left should preferably be bigger.

The placement of the faucet should be on the left side…

This actually depends on the kind of faucet you have in your kitchen. If it is the one with a side lever, then get the lever fixed on the left. This way, running and stopping the water would become very easy for you. Also, as a lefty, you would prefer the soap dispenser to be installed on the left side of the faucet as well.

The dishwasher for the lefties must go to the left side of the sink…

The kitchen for left-handed people must be designed in such a way that it allows them to move around and work freely. For instance, it would be really convenient for lefties to empty their plates and cups in the sink and place them in the dishwasher that is installed to the left side of the kitchen sink instead of on the right side.

And the kitchen cabinets should open to the left as well…

This is perhaps the most important thing that you must ask for when you’re a lefty and you’re having your kitchen custom designed. The cabinets that you’ll use for keeping your crockery must be installed to the left of the stove. Also, the drawer in which you’ll keep utensils and potholders must be to the left side of the oven because that’s where you’ll reach for them subconsciously. Also, tell your kitchen designer to make sure that the cabinet doors open to the left. This would make it super-easy for you to open and shut the cabinets naturally.

If you’re a lefty, you’ve suffered enough in a kitchen designed for righties. It’s about time you should get a kitchen that makes it comfortable for you to work in. Contact Tango Design Studio at 416 679 9300 and talk to one our renovation specialist today! You just have to inform you’re a lefty, and our kitchen designers will take care of the rest.