The Best Kitchen Pantry Door Ideas for Modern Kitchens

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For any culinary enthusiast, the pantry is probably their ‘heaven on earth,’ especially when it’s perfectly organized and completely stocked with kitchen-related essentials. Although a pantry is a necessity for any modern kitchen, it certainly doesn’t mean that it has to be a boring storage area in the corner of your kitchen. Many modern homeowners are now investing a lot on their pantry to give it a stylish look. While the interior of your pantry can be as simple as you want, there’s so much that you can do with the pantry door like experimenting with creative styles and designs. Here are some of the most innovative and stylish pantry door ideas for modern kitchens.

Sliding Door

A sliding door is a simple yet classic idea for your pantry door. A sliding door is a great way to ensure that the inner shelves aren’t completely exposed. These doors also offer a great modern touch because they can be customized to your design, color, material, shape and other preferences.

Etched Glass Door

A less popular, but contemporary pantry door idea is one that’s made with etched glass panes in the middle of the door. These glass doors are perfect for all types of interiors because the crisp, classy appearance of glass looks great in a kitchen. Glass is often set in the centre, with a coloured wooden frame surrounding it from all sides.

Pocket Doors

Having first emerged in the Victorian era, pocket doors are an excellent addition for modern kitchens because they are functional and uncommon. This pantry door idea is similar to a typical sliding door, except that pocket doors conserve space (due to their construction), and are ideal for small homes. The main feature of this type of door is that, when fully opened, it hides inside wall adjacent compartments and becomes almost invisible.

Wire-Screened Doors

If you’re looking for pantry door ideas with more of a rustic feel or industrial appeal, wire screens are the best option for you. As the name suggests, these doors are completely made of wire screens that are commonly arranged in square-like patterns. This style is quirky and fun, but it also poses a serious challenge in terms of fitting in with the existing décor in most modern kitchens. They are also see-through, so if you wish to show-off your pantry items, this option is perfect for your kitchen!

Curtain Door

For those who wish to keep their pantry a private affair, but also like quick and easy access, the curtain pantry door is an excellent option True to its name, this door style simply requires a durable, thick fabric that you can install in front of your pantry exactly the way a curtain is installed.
These are some excellent pantry door ideas that offer great practicality along with making a unique style statement for modern kitchens. If you’re looking to make your pantry stand out, choose one of these pantry door ideas that fits your style perfectly!