Why We Don’t Recommend Kitchen Renovations Under 10k

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There is no denying the fact that the kitchen is the heart of your home because it brings everyone together It’s the place where everyone gathers to eat a tasty dinner, and where they talk about the day and perhaps, tell each other funny stories from work.
This is one of the reasons why remodeling your kitchen involves so much complexity, and why a clearly defined renovation plan is essential. This is especially true given the fact that your kitchen serves many important purposes in your home, functionally and socially.
Whether you are looking to change only the cabinets and flooring or wish to do an overhaul of the entire room, we recommend you choose the best quality materials because they guarantee durability and are more likely to match your style. Our kitchen renovation company promises to provide you with top-notch service while also giving you the kitchen that you have always dreamed of.
However, we don’t recommend kitchen renovation projects under 10k, and we won’t complete them. Read this article to find out why.

A Low Cost Project Doesn’t Save You Money

One big mistake that most homeowners make when it comes to home remodeling projects is settling for low-budget renovation services. The main reason is that they set a conservative budget without knowing how it will affect their home in time.

What they do not realize is that these budget renovation projects can actually cost them more money.

Let’s assume that you renovate your kitchen under 10k.

Initially, it might sound like a fair deal, but a year or two later, you are likely to need to renovate again due to poor workmanship or low quality materials. Your low budget renovation just got more costly when you had to repeat your efforts (and open your wallet) a short time later!

We Offer a Lifetime Warranty

Although our kitchen renovation company doesn’t do renovations under 10k, we provide value by offering our customers a lifetime warranty. So, while you will be paying a lot more than 10k for repairing your kitchen, all future costs will be covered by Tango if components of your kitchen must be repaired or replaced.

Turn Your Kitchen Dreams into Reality

Most homeowners dream of having a beautiful kitchen with perfect cabinets, classic flooring and an ideal layout conducive to serving meals and even hosting lunch and dinner parties. Our kitchen renovation company will help you turn your dreams into reality by giving you the kitchen you’ve been hoping for. As you tell us about your dream kitchen, we will create a plan to make it happen. We will also create excellent custom cabinets that use the highest quality materials. Although they cost more, our lifetime warranty is worth the investment over time!
As appealing as a kitchen renovation project under 10k sounds initially, now you know why it is too good to be true!