The Latest Trends in Bathroom Renovations

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Our design team discusses best practices and project trends often to ensure we understand how to serve our clients better. Now that we’re over halfway through 2019 and getting close to a busy season for renovation projects (fall), we recently discussed some of the new, exciting trends we are seeing in bathroom renovation projects.

Why do people choose to renovate their bathrooms?

Many of the bathrooms we have helped clients renovate in Oakville, Brampton, the Beaches, Etobicoke and other areas surrounding the GTA fit into two main categories:

1. Our clients had a new or renovated bathroom on their to-do list and are excited to create a customized bathroom in their home.

2. They are getting ready to list their property for sale.

In addition, most clients choose to renovate their master bathrooms as opposed to powder rooms or guest bathrooms.

What is new and exciting in bathroom renovation trends?

1. Polished Nickel

Everywhere you look, you see it. From cabinet handles to light fixtures to accents around mirrors, it’s the metal of choice so far for 2019. It has a softer look than chrome, and it’s now in bathrooms all over the GTA.

2. Floor-to-Ceiling Glass Showers

This look appeals to clients because it is seamless and matches any style of tile, flooring, fixtures, etc. Another benefit to a floor-to-ceiling glass shower is that it makes the room feel more open and spacious.

3. Rounded Rectangular Shaped Mirrors

In a departure from traditional rectangular mirrors, the rounded corners make the mirrors appear softer and more circular. They have been a popular choice in several recent projects.

4. Wall-mounted Toilets

Wall-mounted toilets take up less space than traditional toilets. They also have cleaner lines and can complement any style. These are the two reasons our clients are choosing them for renovation projects.

5. No Shower Dams

This trend appeals to our clients with a modern sense of style. They’re also practical for seniors or clients with mobility issues. Whatever the reason, this open concept shower design is increasing in popularity. As long as it is properly constructed, there are no drainage issues and it is very easy to keep clean.

6. Side Mounted Faucets

Unique and unexpected, they make a sink and vanity stand out. We’re not sure if this trend is here to stay, but some of our clients have incorporated them into their new bathrooms.

If you are interested in incorporating these trends (or a style of your own) into a bathroom renovation project, we would love to talk to you about it. Feel free to visit our studio or schedule an in-home consultation by calling (416) 679-9300 to make an appointment.