Top 10 Bath Trends for 2017 based on National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA)

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If you are tired of looking into bathroom design trends for the year and cannot decide what to pick, here’s something that might help. The National Kitchen and Bath Association released its top 10 bathroom trends for 2017 and it’d be wrong not to share it with you!

1. From Mid-Century to Modern, New Bathroom Trends are in Full Swing!

It’d be a shame not to pick a distinct design trend for your bathroom in 2017. According to the NKBA, modern design trends are gaining popularity so much so that people are experimenting with all sorts of designs. From mid-century to contemporary, homeowners are creating spaces that are simply flawless.

You can pick any style you like and make it work. While some people are more into rustic design, there is a huge chunk of people going for chic and sleek bathrooms. The verdict: Anything that seems chic, modern, and clean is acceptable!

2. Color Experimentation is on the Rise

Most people prefer their baths to look clean and elegant, which is why there has been an increasing use of whites, off-whites, and grays in bathrooms. However, some people are breaking the norm by using shades of blue. The younger design professionals are funkier with their experimentation using shades of violet and purples in bathrooms.

While marble is the go-to option for most designers, stainless steel is getting the hype a lot lately. Sleek bathrooms with stainless steel furnishing are quite in trend.

3. It’s Time to be Modern and Elegant with Vanities

Vanity spaces have become quite the center of attention for bathroom designers. Since it is an important part of a person’s everyday life, more designers are creating designs that make vanities the focal point of the bathroom space.

Although linen cabinets and wood vanities are popular options, many designers are going with floating vanities that look more modern and elegant. Toilet paper cabinets are no longer in demand.

4.    Vinyl is Replacing Ceramic

The most popular flooring option for bathrooms has been ceramic tiles. These tiles make the bathroom look cleaner and more modern. However, with ceramic, there is vinyl that is taking the center stage this year.

5.    Undermount Sinks are the Real Deal

Undermount sinks are becoming quite popular with most homeowners choosing them over any other sink style. However, the popularity of vessel sinks, trough sinks, and pedestal sinks hasn’t gone down either.

It is based on the design of the bathroom that the choice of sink depends upon.

6. Freestanding Tubs are Gaining an Edge

Tubs and whirlpools might be old, they are still used by many people. However, there’s been an increase in the popularity of freestanding tubs that are classier and more stylish than built-in tubs.

7. Shiny Faucets all the Way

The popularity of white fixtures is continuing to grow. However, shiny chrome and nickel polishes are the leading faucet finishes homeowners choose for their baths.

Brushed brass and gold are not less popular with many designers playing with color to test the scope of faucet finishes.

8.    Safe Amenities

Homeowners have become quite aware when it comes to safety. That’s the reason many of them request amenities that are safer to use. Some of the most common safety features requested by homeowners for their bathrooms include shower lighting, high toilet seats, no threshold showers, and more.

Age-appropriate bathroom amenities are becoming quite popular including integrated benches, grab bars, handled adjustable bars, low orno-threshold entry, etc. However, there’s also been an increase in the trend of smart bathroom amenities with homeowners wanting the best for their baths. Low-maintenance bathroom design, radiant floor heating, and music shower are all advanced features that are gaining attention.

9. Planet Protection

With global warming being the realest threat the world is facing today, bathroom trends are heading in the same direction. Many designers are considering installing water-saving features in the bathroom to protect the environment.

10. Tech Savvy Bathrooms

There are futuristic bathroom trends gaining attention this year including distributed audio, video, and wiring pathways. However, there is only a small chunk of the market that is interested in the trend.