The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard about Renovation

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The thought of renovating your home brings up feelings of joy and excitement. Home renovation projects are definitely fun, but sometimes the wrong advice can make things worse. The final result in such a case is nothing like the picture in your mind.

So, how do you find out when a renovation advice is bad? Let us help you out!

Cheap Fixes Can Look Luxurious

You found an outstanding home renovation idea on Pinterest. Now you are excited to try it yourself. When you get in touch with a renovation expert, they tell you that cheap material can be used to create an equally stunning indoor space. The low budget of such a renovation entices you and you say yes.

When you are aiming to renovate your home so it could look grand and luxurious, you need to use quality materials. Making cheap fixes might look good at first, but with time, you will see the renovation deteriorate. Everything will turn into a mess!

It Will Look Good in the End

When you hire a contractor to renovate your home, they first inspect the space and device a design plan. However, if there are many discrepancies in the initial plan by your contractor, it simply means that the end result would be messed up.

If you have raised your concerns to the contractor and yet they tell you that it will look good in the end, do not trust them! In order to save themselves from trouble, many contractors try to continue with a bad plan by telling their clients they will take care of it. If that’s the advice you get, don’t follow!

Don’t spend on Stainless Steel Appliance

Kitchen remodeling is the most crucial. Although it is great to follow one theme throughout the kitchen, you need to be careful with the idea. Since stainless steel kitchen have been all the rage for quite some time now, you might be advised to go all in with chrome finish.

You be might be even told that, with stainless steel kitchens is that it is easier to go wrong with the renovation, getting a stainless steel refrigerator, oven, shelves, cabinets, etc, will turn your kitchen into a dead space!

Keep It Simple

Simple is good as long as you are not making your home look dull and dead. In a bid to make the space appear elegant, many renovation experts use too many simple materials and designs for remodeling. The end result is a home that is plain boring. Just imagine a cream colored walls, white curtains, cream upholstery, and white frames? You need to pair different colors and styles together to create a space that is both elegant and attractive.

Cut Off Some Counters

Your kitchen space is the busiest space in your home. You need lots of shelves to prepare food. However, if someone tells you to get rid of a few shelves, to make space for an airy design, do not just dive into it. You need big shelves in your kitchen and when there are small shelves with less space, preparing meals becomes a hassle. Furthermore, you cut off space to place bottles and jars.