With 2016 done and dusted, it is time to see what’s in store for kitchen design trends in 2017. Whether you are planning on renovating your kitchen or fine tuning its appearance, you must make sure you are in line with current trends and ideas. When it comes to kitchen design, the trends in 2017 are all about simple, clean, sleek, and industrial designs. In this article, you will find superb kitchen design ideas that will turn a dull kitchen space into a heart-warming space. Let’s get started!

1. Monochrome Tones will Dominate

It has been anticipated that grey and white tones in the kitchen will be in vogue this year. When it comes to monochromatic tones, you know the result will be fashion forward. From cabinetry to countertops, monochrome tones will dominate kitchens in 2017. While white and black have been the popular finishes in the past, 2016 saw a spike in demand for grey products, and it is expected that grey surfaces of all shades will continue to be a key trend this year as well. So, watch out for all things grey and create an awe-inspiring monochromatic palette inside your kitchen to give it the oomph that it was lacking.

2. Get on the Large Hood Bandwagon

off_white_kitchen_cabinets_3One of the biggest trends last year was huge hoods in metallic finishes, such as brass, bronze, and copper. They completely replaced the wooden hood range of choice, mainly because they perfectly blended with the overall industrial look. In 2017, this trend is becoming bigger than ever before simply because massive hoods makes kitchen appear edgy while also adding a spark to them. So if you are planning to follow suit this year, a huge metallic hood can add a burst of contrast in your kitchen space.

3. Classy and Modern Stainless Steel Appliances

3. Classy and Modern Stainless Steel Appliances

Ditch your old boring appliances that make your kitchen space look shabby and out of place. With a majority of people focusing on modern interiors for their homes, why stay behind? Give your kitchen a face lift by buying stainless steel appliances. This metal makes everything look more modern and chic. Stainless steel adds a fashionable appearance to your kitchen space while also making it look spacious.


4. Quartz will Take over Completely

When it comes to kitchen countertop materials, marble and granite are considered to be the gold standard. But let’s talk about something new and trendy. Today, most people want their kitchen spaces to appear more modern chic yet simple to the core, which is why it is an ideal time to make use of quartz. Whether you choose quartz for your countertops or shelves, this material gives your kitchen a unique appearance that marble and granite simply cannot. What makes quartz much more desirable is its ability to stand the test of time and remain in its pristine state for a long time. It can resist burns, stains and spills, scratches, chips – you name it, and Quartz will be able to ward it off. And if you hate regular maintenance, like most people, you must definitely pick quartz as it is low maintenance.

Quartz kitchen trend 2017

5. Shaker Door Style

painted_maple_cabinets_in_casual_kitchenA shaker door is a five-piece flat panel style cabinet door that has a single flat center panel and frame made from the remaining four pieces. This style has stem from the distinctive Shaker furniture style, having clean, simple lines, and with more emphasis on utility. So, if you are aiming for a more simple and elegant appearance for your kitchen, the shaker door style is ideal for you. The best thing about the Shaker door style is that it can work with different budgets, depending on the wooden material used. Not only that, it can blend in any décor – from traditional to contemporary – thanks to the variations available in wood species, paint colors, stains, and hardware. If there is an awesome trend that we missed out on, just let us know all about it and we will publish it!

6. Bold Fixtures

Go bold with colors. Choose bold colors for your kitchen fixtures to give them more pizzazz and make an otherwise functional area less utilitarian and more engaging. Having the right lighting fixture can add a more dramatic effect to your kitchen. Depending on the kind of effect you desire, there is a wide variety of lights available in the market that add spice to your kitchen, otherwise be a boring space.


7. Maximize Kitchen Storage

Maximize Kitchen StorageNo matter how spacious or small your kitchen is, storage will always be a problem. Keeping your kitchen tools and equipment organized is not easy.

It is natural that you would want them neatly arranged but easily within your reach. Multi-tiered drawers are still the most popular space-saving designs. With a multi-tiered design, you can have several dividers to keep your pots and pans, cutlery, and utensils organized, as well as a rack for your spices and other kitchen items.

Having the perfect kitchen storage will allow you to enjoy your kitchen and make cooking easy and fun.



8. Hands-Free Technology

Hands-Free Technology kitchen 2017Cooking can be fun but it can also be messy. With SmartTouch technology, mess will be less. Simply tap any part of the faucet spout or handle and the water will start flowing. The water only flows when you need it, saving you from humungous water bills. As an added feature, it has an integrated TempID® technology. You can tell how warm or cool the water is by the LED light that changes color whenever the water temperature changes as well.

9. Smart Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances create an atmosphere of elegance and style but can be expensive. As an alternative, you can choose less expensive kitchen appliances in gray hues. While gray may seem dull and boring, it projects an aura of luxury paired with the right mix of colors.