A good kitchen reno specialist is like a unicorn – an elusive creature that you won’t believe even existed until you meet one! However, once you cross paths with a capable kitchen reno specialist, you won’t ever want to leave the job of renovation to just anybody. After all, the kitchen is the most important room in a house: it brings families together!

If you are unsure of what a kitchen reno specialist does and how he can make the job of renovating your kitchen unbelievably fast and achieve good results, then this article is just for you!

Here are some reasons why you need a Tango kitchen reno specialist:


The Renovation Specialist will walk you through the whole procedure. Before anything happens, they will help walk you through each step, from layout to appliance placement, and island location, materials, appliances, etc.

If you want a kitchen reno specialist who comes to your place to discuss all that and more with you, then you need to call Tango Design Studio. One of the kitchen experts will be happy to involve you in as much detail as you want. So, if you are someone who needs to know where each pipe will go in the kitchen, then you can rest easy.

Everything will be done to your liking; all you have to do is pay a nominal fee, which will be fully reimbursed after the completion of kitchen renovation!

Kitchen Reno Specialist

Job Completion

Many contractors alternate between different teams while working on the same job. This can result in miscommunication and mismanagement. It can also be a headache for the homeowner whose kitchen is being renovated. With Tango Design Studios, a homeowner only comes into contact with a manager throughout the job until completion.

Range of Services

  • Colour consultations
  • Space planning
  • Complete project management
  • Custom cabinetry & millwork
  • Visualization, 3D Layout
  • Artwork & decor
  • Furniture and lighting selection
  • Material & finishes selection


Work Process

If you want an idea of the designs, scope of work, and the work process that a contractor has been able to offer to its clients – and you –, you need to be able to see their previous jobs. Tango Design Studio believes in putting a homeowner at ease before they start a renovation/construction project. Therefore, they make a portfolio of previous jobs available to clients at their website. Checkout the portfolio page and find out all that you need to find out!


Experience is most important when you are looking for the right design studio firm to have your kitchen renovated. Even when a firm specializes in residential kitchen renovations, it isn’t necessary that they also employ experienced and seasoned staff. Tango Design Studio has designed hundreds of kitchens of dizzying varieties. It doesn’t get better than that!

Thus, instead of hiring the first general contractor who you meet buying stuff at Home Depot, Ikea and Low’s…, be wiser and opt for a kitchen reno specialist. Not just any reno contractor would do though because your kitchen deserves the best and the best is only available at Tango Design Studio!