What does Custom Cabinetry Mean to a Kitchen Designer and a General Contractor?

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Before we answer why (and how) kitchen designers and general contractors view custom cabinetry differently, let’s focus on some of the benefits of custom cabinetry.
One of the best things about custom cabinetry is that you get to decide the kind of cabinets you want, and they are built according to your specifications. It’s almost like having your own personal chef!
Since custom cabinets are highly flexible and allow for greater detailing, they are more expensive and labour-intensive when compared to prefabricated cabinets. For these very reasons, it is best to hire professional kitchen designers, who focus solely on designing kitchens, instead of general contractors when you’re renovating your kitchen.
Although general contractors do make and install cabinets, they typically do not offer customization. They simply fit the cabinets in your kitchen whereas a kitchen designer can offer much more than installation.
Take a look at some key reasons why custom cabinets should be designed by kitchen designers and not general contractors.

They Give You What You Want

The primary function of kitchen designers is to give homeowners what they hope for by visualizing their concept, and creating their dream kitchen. They are familiar with all of the latest trending designs, and can also advise you on custom cabinets that would look best according to your kitchen space and design (as well as designs and colours to avoid).

They Have Greater Control

Another benefit of custom cabinetry when compared to prefabricated cabinets is that you can get a storage area that is made to fit into a room with specific measurements and designs. Kitchen designers are experts in designing spaces in a kitchen because they know exactly what the end product will look like. They personally do all the customization and detailing on your kitchen cabinets. General contractors, on the other hand, mainly deal with the construction tasks; typically, they do not have any input in the design components of a project. .

They Provide a Personalized Touch

When hiring a general contractor for custom cabinets, the end result will probably look no different than other kitchens all over the country because they do not specialize in designing cabinets.
With a kitchen designer, you get to discuss your ideas in great detail, and guide the designer through the whole concept. This greatly helps kitchen designers provide a personalized touch to the renovation project by ensuring the work reflects your preferences and personality.

They Give Better Ideas

Kitchen designers do not just get the job done, they also offer their expertise and advice to fully meet your design needs. They often have tons of ideas and opinions that can help give you more clarity in terms of how the design for your custom cabinets can be enhanced.
General contractors will follow what you tell them, and you are likely to end up with exactly what you asked them for…without any expert advice or suggestions. In other words, kitchen designers do a much better job of ensuring that your kitchen cabinets not only look beautiful, they function exactly as you need them to.

After reading this article, we hope that you understand the value of hiring kitchen designers to make and install custom cabinets. While general contractors can also build cabinets for you, a kitchen designer can customize them to look and feel like the perfect fit for the heart of your home.